Whatever your budget is, you can find gifts that appeal to any dad. Having personally reviewed the items in my Father’s Day gift guide, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. To help simplify your shopping experience, I separated the gifts into different sections to fit with dad’s interests. You can find items for dads who work out, love good food, always look their best, and who love tech and coding. Also, check out my giveaway at the bottom of the article to win an HTML coding <coffee> mug from the company Neurons Not Included.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For Dads Who Work Out

Fashletics T-shirt and Weight Plate Key Chain

Shopping for a guy who is constantly hitting the gym? Buy a t-shirt and a weight plate key chain from Fashletics. Each item is inspirational to help encourage your loved one to stay fit. Made with seriously soft material, the t-shirts are just right because scratchy fabric can be the worst during a long work out in the gym. With the key chain, you can show your appreciation for your guy’s hobby, while it could also be a conversation starter about whether any items in his home gym need an upgrade. You can use the code THERESASREVIEWS for 10% off.

SanDisk Sport MP3 Player

Buy an MP3 player that is comfortable and convenient for any fitness routine. The technology is reliable and it works well for listening to many different types of files. Whether listening to an audio book while running on the treadmill or playing a playlist of songs during weightlifting reps, your guy can appreciate having an MP3 player made just for guys who exercise.

Wahl Hot-Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack

Father's Day gift ideas

Help dad relax with a hot-cold massage vibrating therapeutic gel pack from WAHL. To use the item, simply freeze or microwave the exterior. Then insert the vibrating pod into its pouch to create a relaxing experience. The product is great for guys who work out because it applies a therapeutic massage directly to muscles that get sore when working out in the gym.

For Dads Who Love Good Food

Mrs. Renfro’s Chipotle Barbeque Sauce and Ghost Pepper Barbeque Sauce

Father's Day gift ideas

How spicy is too spicy? If your guy’s answer is that too spicy isn’t possible, then either of these barbeque sauces will be just right. Use the sauce for dipping a more plainly seasoned meat, or to season a meat that you’re cooking on the grill. The flavor is excellent, but a little breathtaking, especially the ghost pepper sauce.

Bella Sun Luci BBQ Gift Basket

Father's Day gift ideas

In the marinade gift basket, you receive a three pack of marinades as well as a few other goodies. With the Basque Norte marinade, you can add flavor to a steak before grilling. I added some to my steak and it tasted delicious. The Carne Asada marinade adds a tasty flavor to chicken and seafood. The Korean barbecue is ideal for chicken and pork. Whether you’re cooking a meal as a thank you present or providing great ingredients to go along with a grill as a gift, the marinade gift basket makes an excellent present for dads who like good food.

Best Boy and Co Sauces

DSC_0057 (2)Gourmet sauces are sure to appeal to guys with an affinity for sweets and for savory flavors. With the chocolate and caramel sauce, you can whip up something special to celebrate the day. A nice mustard and barbeque sauce would work well in a celebratory meal for lunch and for dinner.

Mound City Colossal Cashews

gold-box-colossal-cashewsThese tasty cashews are an excellent gift. Arriving in a decorative gold box, the treats are ready to give as a gift. Tasting the cashews will quickly show how delicious they are. The salty flavor and the softness of the nuts are just right. Although I gave them as a gift, I had to sneak a few to try myself, and I was incredibly impressed.


For Dads Who Look Their Best


Aviator USA Jeans

FLY-JEANS-M-W With a comfortable, stretchy fit, the jeans are great for guys who love to travel or who just appreciate being comfortable in their clothes. The style is attractive. Something nice is that the pants have stretch in the fabric. The give in the material makes the jeans just right for long airplane flights or touring a new city. Since my husband tried out a pair, I can tell that the jeans fit well in the waist, while they also had enough length to fit his 6’2 frame.

Dollar Shave Club Membership

Keep your guy looking his best with a monthly membership to receive razor refills. Cut out the scruff and raise the bar for looking great on a daily basis. The company also offers a large variety of items for hair care and overall skin care during the shaving process. Since my husband tried out the products, I can vouch for their quality, and I’m currently holding a DollarShaveClub.com giveaway for all of the company’s products.

 For Dads Who Love Technology and Coding

Neurons Not Included HTML <coffee> mug

P1030518Support dad’s interests with an HTML coffee mug from Neurons Not Included, a company that creates witty products that appeal to people with an interest in technology and coding. You could also toss a couple USB drives and chocolates in the cup to make it even more festive as a gift.


Enter to win one <coffee> mug! It’s the perfect for gift for coders. Even a beginning coder could use this as a great reminder and inspiration to get started coding first thing in the morning. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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