Whether you are getting your daughter’s hair cut for the first time or recently had a bad experience getting her hair cut, you are in the right place to help make your next experience a positive one. Although cutting a child’s hair can be stressful, you can have a good experience by following a few tips.

3 Tips For Getting Your Daughter’s Hair Cut

There are a couple unique things about the way I’m parenting my daughter that made this hair cut a special one. First, she hasn’t ever been enrolled in a school program before. This fall will be her first experience in a traditional school setting for preschool. The second unique thing is that she has only had her hair cut once before. At her first hair cut, the stylist chopped the hair off in one length and wanted to do blunt bangs. I learned from the experience. Check out a few tips that make a big difference when you’re getting your daughter’s hair cut.

1. Choose a salon you already like.

Today, I wanted to share my completely unsponsored point of view.¬†As much as I enjoy collaborating with companies, a girl’s hair cut is too special to take a risk on with a visit to a new salon.

When you’re getting your child’s hair cut, the salon matters. A child’s salon is not always the best place for a girl’s hair cut. Children’s hair salons can do an awesome job with boy’s hair cuts, but girls need their hair done with precision and care. Take your child to a salon you already visit for your hair cuts. Although a hair salon that caters to adult clients can be more expensive, they are willing to take more time to ensure they get the right style.

3 Tips For Getting Your Daughter's Hair Cut. Tip #1: Choose a salon you already like.

2. Bring family.

Bring any family members who can come. The more support, the better. Since getting a hair cut can be stressful, having family around can put your child at ease. You don’t need the distractions you find at a children’s salon. If your family is there, everyone can make sure your child has a good time.

This time, my husband and my older daughter came to show support, but in the past we have also brought grandparents. Making the day a special celebration helps create a positive memory about the hair cut. This can help with future hair cuts too.

Below, you can check out our vlog about the hair cut to see what we did the day of the hair cut, and what the experience in the salon was like.

3. Have some ideas for the hair style, and be able to communicate them.

Hair stylists need to know what you want for your child’s hair. If you don’t like a certain style, make sure to describe what you don’t want. Show the length you want, and be realistic about your child’s hair texture. With wavy hair, the length might get shorter when the hair dries. To double check that it’s not too short, you can ask for it to dry at a certain length.

3 Tips For Getting Your Daughter's Hair Cut. Tip #2: Be able to communicate ideas about your child's hair style.

Since my daughter’s hair is so straight and smooth that she barely needs conditioner, the length was exactly where I asked for it to be. I also asked the stylist to work with the bangs that my daughter created for herself.

A few months ago, I came home and discovered she had cut slanted bangs, but oddly enough, the bangs were stylish on her. Explaining the backstory to the bangs helped the stylist get the hair cut right. With the final style, the hair cut not only showed my daughter’s personality, but also helped her have the confidence she needs going into her first year of preschool.

3 Tips For Getting Your Daughter's Hair Cut. Tip #3: Have ideas for your child's hair style.

Have you or your child had a bad hair cut experience before? Share what you learned from it in the comments.

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