If you are looking for a day trip idea outside Washington DC, you’re in the right place! Located at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain in the highly populated area of Montgomery County, Maryland, Soleado Lavender Farm is a must-visit destination. Whether you visit with children or have a couple’s getaway, this farm is a beautiful place to see in Maryland. With two ponds, a lavender field, and a bamboo forest, the farm offers a relaxing experience in a picturesque setting. Check out some tips for visiting.

Enjoy the fresh lavender at Soleado Lavender Farm

Visiting Soleado Lavender Farm

Whether you want to buy freshly cut lavender, enjoy the wonderful aroma of lavender, or take photos in the fields, July is a fine time to visit, although most of the lavender is not in full bloom. When you arrive, you pass the lavender store at the front of the farm. There, you can buy soaps, bouquets, and more. Soleado Lavender Farm also sells products at local farmer’s markets and on their website.

At the store, the owners suggested that my children and I use lavender essential oil to keep bugs off us during our visit. Not only was this suggestion effective, but it also meant that we had the beautiful scent with us at all times. Whether the smell came from the essential oil or the fields themselves, it made the visit pleasant and relaxing.

Soleado Lavender Farm offer wide open space for walking.

Nestled Beneath Sugarloaf Mountain

Although I was only an hour away from the busy and crowded city of Washington DC, I was impressed that the area around the farm is quiet with serene views. The town of Dickerson, Maryland doesn’t consist of many stores, but it does have an incredible view Sugarloaf Mountain. As part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sugarloaf Mountain is a small isolated mountain where you can rock climb, hike, and more.

At Soleado Lavender Farm, you have an up-close view of Sugarloaf Mountain, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spacious Land For Guests To Explore

At the farm, I appreciated the rolling hills and serene view. Excitedly, my children ran and played. Although we have several farms in our area, they said they had never been to one that smelled so nice. Also, since July was an off season, we had the land to ourselves. We enjoyed exploring the land and having a picnic there.

Soleado Lavender Farm has two lakes

A Unique Experience For The Whole Family To Enjoy

As a family living in the megalopolis of the Northeast, we are not blessed with a backyard of rolling hills. Escaping from our busy suburban area to the wide open land of Soleado Lavender Farm gave us a moment of quiet. We were able to better re-connect with nature and each other.

Theresa's Reviews visits Soleado Lavender Farm

The beauty of the lavender captivated my children. Usually, my daughters are terrified of bees and irritated by gnats, but they didn’t mind. Instead, they leaned closer to smell the lavender and tried to catch butterflies.

Child catching butterflies at Soleado Lavender Farm - Theresa's Reviews

We stayed for about an hour. You begin walking from the store towards the bamboo forest, by the picnic benches as well as a lake, and near the second lake you can find the current lavender field.

Lavender fields offer a unique photo setting for family pictures.

My daughter didn’t know what to expect.  During her first visit, she learned valuable lessons. She thought lavender would look more like flowers than herbs. Her biggest takeaway was that lavender smells incredible.

Children enjoy the scent of fresh lavender - Theresa's Reviews visits Soleado Lavender Farm

Well Worth Visiting For The Pictures And Local Products

Although we drove an hour to get to the farm, the visit was well worth it. I was happy to find that the lavender was beautiful to see, even during an off season time.

Fields of fresh lavender at Soleado Lavender Farm

If you want to visit to get pictures, check out the photography classes. You can take part in the Optical Retreats classes on July 29 and August 12. For only $100, you can learn photo basics while shooting in Manual.

Close up photo of lavender at Soleado Lavender Farm

Our visit to the farm was a memorable experience! Since our trip there went so well, we decided to explore more. I had never been to this area before, and I realized that there was more to do than we could fit in one day. My daughters and I don’t often go on impromptu day trips together, but after such a good experience, we certainly will again soon.

Theresa Pickett of Theresa's Reviews visits Soleado Lavender Farm.

Lavender Goods You Can Buy At Soleado Lavender Farm

Before we left the store, we washed all the dirt off our hands. I loved the smell of the soap. With a long-lasting aroma, the liquid hand soap is worth buying. The soap is smells stronger than the lavender soaps I usually buy in retail stores.

The store carried many goods, including fresh bouquets, dried bouquets, lip balm, and more. The hand soap was a must-have purchase. Every time I breathe in the refreshing scent, I remember the wide open space at the farm.

Tips For Visiting Soleado Lavender Farm

  • Bring water and snacks. The walk around the lake is long, especially for children.
  • You don’t need a stroller, but the fields are flat enough that a durable stroller would work fine there.
  • If you want to make a day out of your trip, you can find a creamery and some other farms to visit nearby. You could also visit Sugarloaf Mountain.
  • By the store, you can find a restroom. It was clean and had all the essentials when we visited.

Beautiful views at Soleado Lavender Farm

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Check out some reasons to visit Soleado Lavender Farm in Montgomery County, Maryland! - Theresa's Reviews

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  1. Cath - BattleMum

    I long to visit a lavender farm. We never got the chance before we left the UK and relocated to Portugal but I hope to one day. That farm you visited looks so beautiful and you got some lovely pictures too.

  2. Jessica H.

    I have never visited a lavender farm before. This blog caught my eye! I LOVE everything lavender scented. I really enjoyed reading this and viewing the pictures you took me there. Something I definitely needed today as it is snowing outside. I will definitely look into going here when we go visit family this summer. Two of my favorite things in the spring/summer are lavender cookies and lavender lemonade. Delicious!!


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