Anchor down, ‘Dores!  As a Vandy fan and alumnus of the  graduate school, I’m also an enthusiastic fan of the new Cool Gear Can in the anchor style. I first heard of the company when I was searching Twitter to see what products were trending with other mom bloggers. The day after I looked at the company’s website, I started to see kids carrying the cans around, talking about the patterns they chose. Clearly, the trend was popular with kids, so I wanted to try it out to see whether I liked it as an adult too.

Cool Gear Can Review

Cool Gear Can is a drinking cup made to look just like a soda can. On the top of the item, you move the tab instead of popping the top off, as you would with a regular can. As a mom, my primary concern was how easy it would be to wash the item. Taking the lid off was simple. All I had to do was screw off the top part. The bottom of the item is shaped like a regular cup, so it was easy to clean with a soap, sponge and  hot water.

Cool Gear Can Review

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To emulate a soda can, the Cool Gear Can even features a Nutritional Facts section. With silly Cantrition Facts, such as 100% Hydrated and 100% Motivated, the product was successful in looking like a soda can, while also engaging kids in the design. My daughter said that the product was really cool, and she was excited to use it. As a mom, I was delighted that the item could make drinking healthy drinks cooler for kids. Taking the product to go, my daughter filled it with water on one trip and a healthy fruit shake on another trip.

Cool Gear Can Review

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Another thing I liked was the size. Because the item was large, I had plenty of room to fill it with water. Over a whole day out of the house, I didn’t run out of water until it was time to head home. The size was great for carrying water so I could be hydrated all day. My daughter used it for the same reason, so she could have a cup of water near her all day at home.

While the can appealed to kids, it also appealed to adults. I liked the pattern, size, and style, which my daughter appreciated too. The item makes a great stocking stuffer if you need to fill some space in the stocking this holiday season. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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