Rest is the most important thing to me. After a long few months of waiting for the holidays, my neck started feeling sore last week. I started getting bad stress headaches during the day. In the weeks before a holiday break, every small, stressful event seems more intense than it really is, especially when coupled with poor quality sleep. As a solution, I received the Proper Pillow to see if a different type of support during sleep might help me feel more relaxed and less sore during the day.

Proper Pillow Review

When I tried out the pillow, I noticed that it had a unique donut shape. My pillow fit the exact contour of my neck. When laying my head down, my head fit into a donut hole of less foam. According to the company, the shape of the pillow helps improve spinal posture. After reclining into the pillow, I could feel some upper neck pain disappear. The pillow worked to relieve the side effects of stress on my body.

Although the pillow in its packaging looked soft, it looked even better when I put on the soft, satiny cover that came in the box. I pulled the cover onto the pillow and I liked that it zipped on easily. Cleaning the cover was simple as it was easily removable. Plus, I could put another pillow cover on top of the satiny cover if I wanted it to match my bedding set. My skin felt incredible next to the fabric.

Another neat feature was that the pillow came with a pamphlet outlining good sleep practices. Reading the pamphlet, I got some great reminders that I started putting into practice. I also received a sleep calendar. The sleep calendar was a place for me to record how well I slept as well as to revisit sleep tips on a regular basis. Using the sleep calendar helped me reflect about how my sleep was going each night.

Choosing a pillow is a personal choice, as each person has features to look for to find the right pillow. Some things that make the product unique are its donut shaped design, which is based on the shape of the spine. In the interior of the pillow, the memory foam is not as thick as some other pillows, but it is firm enough to provide good support. The exterior of the pillow is my favorite feature as it is soft and quilted, while the satiny cover helps provide even more comfort.

To learn more, visit the company’s website. 

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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