If you’re looking for a classic winter style that works well for nicer occasions, you’ve come to the right place. With minimal effort, you can pull off a well put together outfit that looks nice for parties and events.

3 Tips For A Classic Winter Style

One of the best style tips is to keep everything simple. From makeup to jewelry, you can create an effortless style that emphasizes natural beauty, instead of focusing on trends.

1. Wear classic jewelry.

For a statement look, wear classic jewelry, and not too much of it. One simple strand of pearls look fantastic by themselves. Since pearl necklaces are a bit chunkier than a slender silver chain necklace, you don’t need a bracelet and extra rings.

As Jacqueline Kennedy said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Pearls are not only a throwback to Old Time Hollywood. From Scarlett Johansson to Angelina Jolie, modern stars and fashion icons can still be seen on the red carpet wearing pearl necklaces. 


From New York-based company Pearl & Clasp, you can get this gorgeous 18″ 6mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace. Since the pearls come in AAA quality, they are the highest quality you can get. Each pearl looks flawless, beautifully round, and a bright shine. Although Akoya pearls are more perfectly round than Freshwater pearls, this necklace is more affordable and looks very nice with holiday outfits.

One of the best things about Pearl & Clasp is that they can use their expertise to restring your favorite pearl necklace to make it wearable again. If you have a family heirloom you want to make more secure, they can not only restring the pearls, but also add a more eye-catching clasp, or even turn a single strand necklace into a double or triple strand necklace for a more dramatic look.


2. Keep makeup simple.

Another tip for a classic winter winter style is even when you are going out at night, keep your makeup simple. With a clean makeup look, the emphasis is on your natural beauty, rather than your sophisticated makeup skills.

Turn your everyday makeup up a notch with an extra swipe of mascara and a slightly darker color of eyeshadow. No need to head for the dark black shade on your eyeshadow pallette to make an impact.When your skin is at its palest, dark colors can look too harsh. Go for a sparkly copper tone for a natural look that works well in winter.

Use a generous amount of powder (but not too much), and blend well, to make your complexion look smooth. Lastly, add some long lasting lip color in a shade that complements your skin tone.

3. Wear neutral pumps and colors that compliment you.

Although a modern style is to wear boots during the winter, heels looks much nicer. Neutral pumps go with everything, from dresses to slacks, and they have an elongating effect that is very flattering. For holiday parties, stick with heels two inches or lower for a modest, classic look.

Go with a look that never goes out of style. Even though bright reds and greens are popular for the holidays, choose colors that look good on you. You will be much more comfortable in colors that you usually wear. 

When you head out for a nice evening in the winter, stick with a look that helps you be your most comfortable and confident self, and remember that classic jewelry is a must-have to keep your look timeless. 

What’s a must-have in your closet this winter? Share in the comments.

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