If you’re looking for cute shoes that will work well for your running toddler, you’re in the right place. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews is the IFME brand, a children’s shoe company. Since toddlers grow out of their shoes quickly, I have tried out three pairs of shoes from IFME in the past year. This past summer, my daughter wore the cutest Venice style shoes day in and day out, for hiking, swim and dance class, and walks in the park. When she outgrew them, the company sent two of their Racer style, which are perfect for meeting the needs of an active toddler.

Irresistible Running Shoes Toddlers Love 

With IFME shoes, you can have your child stand out with unique comfortable shoes. In the summer, I loved that a dance mom came up to me and asked the name of the awesome shoes my daughter wore. Although I wasn’t sure how to pronounce IFME, receiving that compliment left me eager to try out a new pair.

Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

About IFME Shoes

Originally based in Japan, IFME focuses on creating shoes that help children’s feet develop properly. To get the proper fit and design, the company works with Japanese-based medical professionals. Since the shoes launched in the US in the spring of 2016, you may have not heard of them yet, but they are well worth trying both for their comfort and cool style.

Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

Another useful fact is that you pronounce the brand “If-me.” Short for “It was was me,” the name represents the brand’s commitment to keeping customers happy.

Perfect For Playing Tag (And Especially Easy To Catch Mom When She’s In Heels)

When I was recently working on getting photos and video for another article, my husband snapped a few photos of the girls and I taking a break to play behind the scenes of our photo shoot. Georgiana is in her red Racer style IFME shoes. I loved how well the shoes matched her Olivia shirt and complimented the leopard print coat.
Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFMEFor an age appropriate fit, the shoes have a strap and provide comfortable padding around the heel. Since toddlers love to explore but can be prone to falling, the design of the shoes were ideal. Not only did the shoes provide awesome support, but they also looked adorable.
Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

With fun red colors, the shoes are perfect for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They also look adorable with neutral colors with a dash of red in the outfit.
Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

I might have been in heels, but Georgiana was the fastest one during our game of tag! She could race her best since she was wearing excellent shoes.Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME
 For a festive outfit with a dash of red, these shoes give toddlers an awesome style that works great for the holiday season.

For A Neutral Look, Try IFME Sneakers In White

If you’re looking for shoes that go with everything, the Racer style also comes in a simple, neutral white color. My daughter has worn these shoes for months, and she loves how well they fit.

Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

I like that the shoes aren’t very noticeable. She can wear them with printed leggings, jeans, dresses, and she looks adorable wearing them.

Theresa's Reviews - Cute Shoes For Running Toddlers From IFME

Whether you want a statement pair of red sneakers or a subtle white pair, IFME shoes fit well, offer good support, and look adorable. 

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  1. Melissa

    Cute, cute, cute! I wish I had a little girl to buy them for. I have a toddler boy who needs new shoes right now. I’ll share with my best friend. She has a little girl!

  2. Amanda

    Love your selection…and those mother/daughter shoes are great. I would like those. Interesting to note you went to Flagler College. I went there and got my elementary ed degree. I, too, am a certified teacher. My aunt went there, too. Small world! 🙂

    • Theresa

      That’s so funny! I loved Flagler College. I went back this summer and showed my children how beautiful it is there.

  3. K. Elizabeth

    Kids always have the cutest shows! And clothes! I love that more companies make running shoes for toddlers now. The red shoes are my favorite.


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