When you pack away the last of the Christmas decorations, looking at a clutter-free home is refreshing and inspirational. With the dusty Santa tchotchkes and holiday hand towels put away, staying organized and motivated takes priority. Facing new goals with a clean home is easier to do. If you can’t bear to part with that clutter-free look, consider Valentine’s home decor that can stay out year round.  

Show Your Love With Fracture Photo Prints 

One thoughtful idea for Valentine’s Day is to take several of your favorite family photos and turn them into Fracture glass prints. If you’re looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, the photos are a fantastic way to remember a special time together. Not only do glass prints break the boundaries of typical photo printing methods, but they also leave your home decor looking organized and stylish. 

Valentine's Home Decor You'll Still Love After The 14th - Fracture Photo Prints - on Theresa's Reviews

Remembering Special Moments

To give my home a more loving, tender, and sentimental look for Valentine’s Day, I ordered a trio of prints from Fracture. Although beautiful beach photos are timeless, printing this family moment is also a wonderful token of love. 

During a road trip this past summer, we stopped at Ormond Beach for the afternoon. I chose these photos because when I think of symbols of our family, I don’t always think of material things. With casual clothes and the children so eager to swim, the moment was spontaneously beautiful. All of us being in a deserted spot in nature represents what I love most about our lifestyle. 

Valentine's Home Decor You'll Still Love After The 14th - Fracture Photo Prints - on Theresa's Reviews

At this same beach many years earlier, I first wore my engagement ring, and I later returned for my daughter’s first Father’s Day. This place was where I realized that I had infinite possibilities for my life. With these frameless photo prints, I could share this moment of when my future was wide open with positivity. To me, having no frame represents the limitless potential I envisioned my family having. From the first time I stepped foot on this beach to the last, it has always been a place of joy to me.
Valentine's Home Decor You'll Still Love After The 14th - Fracture Photo Prints - on Theresa's Reviews

This past summer, we had driven late into the night. When we arrived at the pull off to the beach, we wore our smiles carelessly. We asked a couple to take a family photo, and we took a few snapshots with our camera. Each picture was imperfect, technically speaking, but the honesty of this incredible family memory captivates me.

In the background of each photo, you can see an uncommonly serene and empty beach. Because of the visible calmness, each photo is relaxing to gaze upon at any time of day. Each image reminds me of happiness. I like that these are the last images I restfully glance at before closing my eyes, and the first images to inspire me as I awake.

Timeless Valentine’s Home Decor

While you might think that all Valentine’s home decor is red and pink, it doesn’t have to be. You can show your love with breathtaking, enlarged photo prints. With frameless glass prints, your home will keep the simplistic style you love year round, and you can still make a statement about the love and happiness you appreciate at home.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Share in the comments.

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  1. robin masshole mommy

    I think photo prints make for a wonderful gift for someone else or yourself. My walls are covered in photos 🙂

  2. Allison

    These are gorgeous! I am all about decor that is ‘evergreen’ and not something I have to take down and pack up.

  3. Cassandra

    This is a great Valentine’s idea. One year, I got all of us Road IDs because we do alot of outdoor running, biking and other activities. I like to give gifts that matter to our lives.

  4. Kiwi

    I love your photo arrangements. This is great, especially since we live in such a digital world I would love to find new ways to print out my photos and display them in my home better.

  5. Amber

    I love when my clients purchase large canvases, metal or glass prints! They always so turn out so beautifully and are always so well loved! They really do make a perfect gift!

  6. Caitlin

    I’ve been wanting to have more photos made, especially because just about everything I have is in digital form. I love how these are printed directly on the glass!

  7. Amanda Rosson

    I love the idea of glass prints! It’s so classy and makes such a wonderful piece of home decor! This is such a great gift for anyone (including yourself), you know it’ll be something they’ll cherish forever.

  8. Eva / Kid Minds

    I love the look of enlarged photo prints! They look great in your bedroom. And I think it’s so sweet that you go to the same lake year after year.

  9. Samantha Lee

    These glass prints are so gorgeous! I’ve been coming up with ideas about what to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and I’ll definitely keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing.


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