School supplies shopping season has arrived. As the smell of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air, it’s an exciting time of year. A new school year brings new opportunities. Too often, enthusiasm is replaced by the stress of rushing from store to store, buying a long list of school supplies. This year, simplify your shopping experience. Buy your school and office supplies at Shoplet. Shopping online is simple, while the prices are comparable to other online retailers.

Shoplet School Supplies Review

One of the items I received was a set of 12 Ticonderoga Beginners Pencil with an Eraser. Since the item was on my daughter’s school shopping list, I knew that the pencils were developmentally appropriate. The large size of the pencils is just right for kindergarteners learning to improve fine motor skills. Before learning about Shoplet, locating these pencils was difficult. When retail stores in my area had their major sales this past week, everything was discounted, but they didn’t carry the beginner pencils. Checking the pencils off the school supply shopping list was a relief.

Shoplet School Supplies Review - Theresa's Reviews - #backtoschool #back2school

Since I gave the pencils to my older daughter, I had to give my younger daughter something too, so she got the blue Mead Spiral Bound Notebook. With the Dixon Prang Wax Crayons, I introduced two year old Georgiana to writing. Making scribbles on the paper, Georgiana was happy to own her first notebook, and she quickly asked her sister to write and draw with her. Together, the girls drew their favorite cartoon characters. They also practiced writing and reading their names.

Shoplet School Supplies Review - Theresa's Reviews - #backtoschool #back2school

Another item I received was Elmer’s Natural School Glue, which was also on the back to school shopping list. Even though the school glue didn’t have to be natural, having natural ingredients was an advantage. Early learners get glue everywhere. My kids get glue on the floor more than they get it on the paper. I can relax knowing that the ingredients in the glue aren’t so bad.

Although I already purchased some Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers for my daughter Samantha’s classroom, having extra erasers can always come in handy. I’m glad to reinforce the concept of erasing mistakes. Samantha is learning how to form her letters. When she makes a messy letter, she should focus on rewriting it neater. Starting the year off with an abundance of erasers is great because I’m sure we’ll lose several in the next few months.

While multi-colored highlighters weren’t on my daughter’s back to school shopping list, yellow highlighters with chisel tips were. Sharpie Clear View Highlighters have chisel tips, so they are similar to what Samantha will be using in school. The highlighters are a fun way to introduce highlighting at home. One advantage of the Clear View Highlighters is that you can see through the tip, so you can be more accurate with your highlighting. If Samantha doesn’t take all of these, they’ll come in handy for me.

Shoplet School Supplies Review - Theresa's Reviews - #backtoschool #back2school

Some other items that weren’t on the school supply list were the Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener, which I gave to Samantha, as well as a BeGreen B2P Gel Pen and the Pentel EnerGel RTX Liquid Gel Pen. Since my daughter wouldn’t need the pens, I decided to keep them. Nice gel pens will come in handy this year. I often jot down notes, but I seem to always lose my pens. I’ve made a resolution to keep the pens in one location, a pouch in my purse, so I don’t lose them.

Getting school supplies from Shoplet was a positive experience. Because the company gets their items from different sellers, the items arrived in different boxes. The items arrived in a few days, and they were all in good condition. I look forward to continue trying out Shoplet school and office supplies in the future.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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