Wee Gallery offers sophisticated, artistic designs for nursery decorations. Selling a wide variety of products, the store can help you completely decorate your infant's nursery with matching items.

Creative parents, buy nursery decorations that provide an intellectual aura, while inspiring the entire family. Wee Gallery sells items that have artistic designs and decorative features with an endearing quality. Purchasing several products can help transform a blank room into a festive children’s play space. Buy toys and products with a matching theme to create a forest theme, jungle theme, or whatever theme you most enjoy. Items are practical and appealing, and many themes have gender neutral designs.


Nursery Decorations Review

Wall graphics come in a variety of themes, including my personal favorite, the Safari Wall Graphics. I lived in the jungle of Sumatra, Indonesia, as an elementary school student at the Caltex American School, so the jungle theme is meaningful to me. As the Safari Wall Graphics come with around 20 different pieces, the process to adhere the product to the wall is simple. Wall stickers can easily be repositioned without harming the product. My personal favorite wall adhesives are the wall growth charts, which are practical, as the item remains useful as your child grows older.


Art Cards Review

As I have a graduate degree in education, I love finding visually appealing children’s products with outstanding educational value. My favorite item I found in the online store would be the Jungle Art Cards, which are black and white thick postcards. Developmentally, infants are attracted to the contrast of black and white. Add the photo mobile to your shopping cart to help display the black and white cards above the crib. Personally, I plan to use the art cards to inspire a discussion with my baby about lines, animals, animal sounds, and shapes.

Items Older Siblings Can Use While Decorating the Nursery

When decorating the nursery, engage your infant’s older sibling in the decorating process. Wee Gallery sells a rubber stamp set that comes with washable ink pads. Include your older child by asking him or her to create a mural with the stamps, to hang on the nursery walls. Your older child could use the stamps to create a welcome card for the baby. Some older siblings might really enjoy the play tattoos, which can match the theme of the nursery, to help inspire a bond between the siblings.


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