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One of my most memorable moments as a child was hopping on my first two-wheel bike, completely terrified. Balancing seemed impossible. In time, I learned to love riding my bike. As the years passed, I went for a bike ride when I hadn’t ridden a bike in over half a year. Getting on the bike, the same anxiety returned that I had when I was little. Balancing seemed so hard, even though I was in fourth grade.  This past year, when I heard about trendy balance bikes, designed to help improve kids’ balance, I was excited to learn more. My search for a cool balance bike led me to the ZumZum company, which is currently launching its Kickstarter Campaign.

ZumZum Bike

Created to help instill passion in young bike riders, the ZumZum bike is designed for all terrains, including inside the home. Children as young as 18 months can ride the bikes. The bikes have a height of 19″ to 20″. Since I have two kids under age five, I would personally recommend balance bikes for children who can sit comfortably on the seat with their feet touching the ground. Introducing a balance bike should be a really positive experience to help build children’s interest in biking. Children should be able to easily stop themselves without falling. My older daughter who is four years old loves using balance bikes, especially when she can zoom around open areas of the park. I’ve seen how passionate my daughter gets about biking when she using a balance bike. The drive and dedication to moving with speed and agility is really quite beautiful.

Another awesome feature is the bike’s cool design. As a professional mountain biker Steve Peat helped develop the bike’s design, the appropriateness of the design as a bike for kids is clear. With a basic wooden color, the bikes look inspired by the original balance bikes, the Dandy horse of 1820. While the wooden material looks very natural, the bikes are created using sustainable wood. So if you prefer eco-friendly toys, the ZumZum bike is a good choice.

Since I’m a certified teacher, I spent time in graduate school studying how to best teach physical education to early learners. Balance and coordination are critical skills for kids. At a young age, children should understand balance and coordination to meet certain milestones. With the ZumZum bike, children can improve their motor skills, while also having fun. I see a lot of educational value in the bike, as long as it’s worn with a bike helmet that fits well.

Regarding the Kickstarter campaign, it ends on February 7th, 2015. Check out some of the cool perks that you can get if you contribute.

ZumZum Bike

Being part of the Kickstarter campaign means that you can get a discounted bike. You get a better deal if you pledge to purchase two bikes, which works great for families with multiple kids. Even if you can only pledge a small amount, contributing to a new company is really rewarding. As a consumer blogger, I get so much enjoyment from promoting other people’s company because I feel such a connection as the company grows and becomes better known. In the next couple weeks, join the Kickstarter campaign to help the company realize more of its dreams for its future.

Check out the company’s website to learn more.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received compensation for this article, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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