My kids are super sweet, but wow, do they get messy! In my old townhouse, I had the worst time feeding my oldest daughter because the kitchen table was on carpet. Food stains never seemed to come up completely, which became a major attraction for pests. Looking back, I could have really used a mat under the table. This past week, I discovered a mat made by BooginHead created for the purpose of preventing messes on the carpet. As I tried the product, the SplatMat in GoGo Chevron, I realized that a lot of parents might need the item but not even realize that it exists. Honestly, the product would be a huge relief to parents during the awkward phase when kids just start exploring the squishiness of paint, the enjoyment of throwing food, and more silly messes.

Children's mat review photo

My daughter enjoyed the mat. Later in the week, we took it outside and used it as a mat for the sun.

Children’s Mat Review

Choosing a pattern, I went with the modern print, GoGo Chevron. Some parents who enjoy more girly items might prefer the Pink Lace style. When I received the item, I realized how lightweight it is. From photos, I thought the item would be heavier and sturdy. Because the item is a little wrinkled right out of its case, it didn’t sit as well on the floor as it would if it had been laid flat for some time. I feel that the item would have less wrinkles with regular use. The benefit of the item being so lightweight is that parents can easily throw the item in a diaper bag for use on the go.

Children's mat review photo

Clearly, the children’s mat worked great for eating.

In sampling the item, I found several uses for the item. I let my daughter play, paint, and eat on the product. I found the product was easy to move from spot to spot in the house. After painting, the item was easy to clean with a soapy sponge. When my daughter ate crackers, I could easily lift the product to empty the crumbs in the trash. I used the product outside on a sunny day to keep my baby’s hands clean. My daughter was really excited to see the new product, and she was eager to bring her toys to the mat. People with carpeted floor would really benefit from the item, but I’d also use it on hardwood when my kids are doing arts and crafts.

Children's mat review photo

The mat worked great for art projects too.


I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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