What beauty products can you not live without this fall and winter 2015/2016 season? Changing seasons encourages new choices in our beauty routine. Discovering the best beauty products can help revitalize our look and combat the side effects of the new weather. Once again, I’ve scoured the latest product releases to discover some items you’ve got to try. Check out my favorites.

Beauty Products Roundup

Lip Shades

Gerard Cosmetics has some beautiful natural colors this season. Kimchi Doll lipstick is a peachy, natural shade that works well mixed with a darker color. On top of the lipstick, add a hint of gloss or lip balm to help hydrate your lips. Another item is the Shimmer of Hope lip gloss. The lip gloss has a natural look that provides light, neutral color. If you don’t usually wear color on your lips, these two items are a good choice because they aren’t too noticeable.

Beauty Products Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

Lip Balm

Moisturize your lips with quality lip balm. Winter can lead to chapped lips that never seem to go away, but with Natural E NYC lip balm, you can rejuvenate your lips. Two types great for women are the Vanilla Chai lip balm and the Pure Rose lip balm. Both will soften and beautify your lips. The lip balms have light, appealing scents, and they are moisturizing without having a heavy, gooey texture. As a stocking suffer idea for men, the men’s lip balm is also high quality and effective.¬†

Beauty Products Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

Bath Products

Moisturize your skin with a relaxing bath. Good for both kids and adults, the Soaptopia lavender lullaby bubble bath has a relaxing scent that turns bath time into a spa. Another bath item would be bath salts. You can get bath salts in rose and vanilla as well as bath salts in rose. Both have a beautiful aroma. Your skin will feel very soft after using the bath salts.


Every so often, you need to clean out your makeup. Toss the old items, and buy new ones. The new season is a great time to redo your makeup collection. From Hynt Beauty, you can get a classic, black nocturne mascara to enhance your eyelashes. Applying the mascara is simple. There’s no clumping or flaking. Since the mascara looks amazing, it’s a great staple in your makeup kit.

Beauty Products Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comAnother idea is the loose powder in champagne. Apply with a small makeup brush to give your skin a finished, polished look. The eye shadow has a bit of a shimmer to brighten your eyes. On me, the coloring was a bit darker than the shade I usually wear. I liked the light/medium tone because it brought more attention to my eyes, while still having a very natural look.

Nail Polish

Give your nails some vivid color with the SpaRitual Gold Flexible Color System. Apply the nail color first. I chose a bright, deep pink called Strike a Pose as well as a light, soft pink called Adored. Next, to seal the color in, you apply a topcoat. The system works really well so the color can last longer. I found the system to be effective, and I liked the colors.

Beauty Products Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

Another company with a large variety of colors is Duri Cosmetics. The company offers the Revel in Luxury collection, which has pinks, blues, reds and more. Keep many different colors of nail polish in your beauty kit this season. Being able to quickly update your look can rejuvenate you, especially during the long, cold winter. My favorite shade was Au Moment, a soft, shiny pink that could compliment any outfit.


Beauty Products Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comWhat will you try out this season? I’m so happy with the items I’ve tried recently, and I can’t wait to keep building my collection of beauty supplies. Share tips in the comments, and let me know on Facebook if there’s a product I really need to try.


I received a free item, but this in no way affected my opinion.

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