Whether you travel often or simply love recording your day-to-day memories, it can be a challenge to decide how to display your photos. If you are looking for a unique way to show your scenic photos, you’ve come to the right place. While decorating my living room, I discovered Narrative Decor, a company that specializes in turning photos into luxurious home decor.

Display Your Memories In A Creative Way

For a unique display of your favorite images, Narrative Decor can turn them into pillows, lampshades, clocks, and even chair upholstery. Since I’ve been traveling a lot this year (with vacations in Nashville, New York City, Savannah, St. Augustine, Orlando, and Pennsylvania), preserving my memories means a lot to me. To see how the process works, I sent over a photo.

Photo Inspired Home Decor 

If there’s one thing the holidays bring out in my, it’s nostalgia. Thinking about the wonderful times I’ve had together with my family gets me into that wonderful Christmas spirit. When I realized I could print one of my vacation photos on a custom pillow, I could envision a photo pillow in my home, but it was difficult to decide which photo to print.

Theresa's Reviews - Making Memories Last With Narrative Decor

I decided on a photo I took in St. Augustine. Not only is the view of the Bridge of Lions gorgeous, but also because many important life events have taken place for me in the Oldest City in America.

Theresa's Reviews - Making Memories Last With Narrative Decor

On the pillow, the details show up clearly with vibrant colors and a sharp image. Since the pillows are printed in high resolution, your images show up nicely. Not only does looking at the image bring a smile to my face, but it also looks incredible in my home. 
Theresa's Reviews - Making Memories Last With Narrative Decor

Selecting a scenic image has the advantage of looking good anywhere in the home, and it complements any type of decor. Whether you decorate with a more modern or traditional style, a pillow that showcases a place you have traveled gives your home a bit of authenticity and is a good conversation starter.

About The Narrative Decor Custom Square Pillow

For best quality, the custom square pillow is made with organic, eco-friendly cotton. On one side, you receive your image printed in high resolution, and on the other, the material is an off white that goes with any color scheme. 

Since the pillowcase is machine washable, it is ideal if you have pets or dust allergies and want to keep your pillows clean. You can also order the 18 X 18 feather pillow insert. I love that the feather pillow insert is soft and supportive. Even though the pillow looks too nice to recline on, it is very comfortable.
Theresa's Reviews - Making Memories Last With Narrative Decor

Do you have a special item in your house that tells a story? Share what it is and what it means to you in the comments.

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  1. nicole steinthal

    Wow!! I love this…what a great way to save a memory and makes a perfect gift too. I am going to go through all of my photos and order one. Thanks for the tip!!!!

  2. Jamie

    That’s so cool! I didn’t know something like this even existed but it’s such a cool way to showcase meaningful photos!

  3. Ana

    That is a great idea especially for those who love to travel like me. Actually, I would like to print all of my travel photos and post them in my room. They are truly inspiring. Seeing those photos makes me want to travel more.

  4. Ashley B.

    Cute pillow! I like to bring back small home decor from my travels. I prefer to bring back stuff I can actually use to decorate my home instead of random trinkets like keychains and whatnot. And its a good way to add interesting elements to your home!

  5. Ana De- Jesus

    The photo cushions is a great way of recording memories, I think it is a brilliant idea. i have done it before and it has been a great gift xx

  6. Christine - The Choosy Mommy

    Love the pillow idea. My husband blew up and framed one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Italy years and years ago (pre-kids!) I LOVE that picture, but we just added another piece…artwork that the kids did through JellyBeanStreet.com. Check it out!

  7. Christina Aliperti

    This is an awesome idea and I really love the pillow! I have quite a few photos I will have to choose from.


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