Double check that your home contains the necessary snowstorm supplies in case a snowstorm comes this year. According to Accuweather, the polar vortex will return this year in 2015. I remember the Superstorm of 1999, which was called the Storm of the Century. I recall my home’s roof caving in and I can still envision the large, 50-100 feet tall loblolly pines toppling in my family’s yard. Being prepared for a storm is important to your family’s well being. Double check that your home has a few key items before you bunker down and spend the holidays indoors by the warm hearth.

Flashlight With Extra Batteries

When the electricity goes out, you need to brighten your home with alternative lighting. Buy a flashlight that is made for storms. For instance, purchase the Secur Mini Collapsable Storm Lantern, which requires no batteries and can charge devices. Top quality storm lanterns and flashlights can light up an entire room. Double check that you have an extra set of batteries for any battery powered devices in case the storm lasts for more than a couple days. I keep my storm lantern next to my bed just in case a storm comes in the night.

Canned Food And Extra Water

Stock up on food and jugs of water. Fill your cabinets with packaged food. Shop for cans of vegetables and meat. Buy dried fruits, nuts, juice boxes, chips, and candy. Shop for items that require no preparation, as you might not be able to cook the food. Double check that you have a can opener. Jugs of water will be handy if your pipes freeze, when you would need the water to drink as well as to brush your teeth. Remember to buy extra, necessary items for any children. Buy an extra supply of formula, diapers, and wipes.

Portable Generator

Double check that you have a portable generator in your home. When the electricity goes out, a portable generator keeps the electricity going until the power returns. Buy a portable generator with large wattage if you have a lot of items to keep running in your home. Purchase a small portable generator if you would have trouble moving a large generator. Remember to put the generator in a well ventilated area as generators can be dangerous if not used properly.

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