Moms have several reasons to use paper plates and plastic cups. On days when doing the dishes is one more thing taking up your time, Repurpose tableware can step in to help. In my home, my kids love using disposable tableware. I keep a supply low in the cupboard where my kids can reach. Grabbing a cup, plate or bowl gives my kids the independence that they can’t have otherwise, since I keep our regular tableware high above the kitchen counters. Since a main concern with disposable tableware is whether it is healthy for humans and for the environment, I was glad to find a brand with products that are sustainable, created from plants, and BPA free.

Repurpose Tableware Review

Heading to a nearby park, a cup of coffee was all I needed to be able to chase after my two kids. Carrying my insulated coffee mug would have gotten in the way, especially when my daughters took off running through a field of dewy grass to see the goat. Some situations call for having items that are portable and can be tossed when it’s time to run across a field.P1040199All I wanted to do was sit and relax by the small waterfalls, but my daughters were only happy when they could use every ounce of their energy. Mysterious hiding games started (and those are always fun in public places), and then they discovered how enjoyable it was to veer off the paths to find new places to run, usually on steep hills.

When we got home, a nice cool drink was in order. Samantha went to the cupboard, picked out a cup, and poured herself a glass of cranberry juice with ice. She was excited to be independent, and she liked the cup. Since the plastic used to make the cup had excellent quality, it felt strong and sturdy. To Samantha, relaxing inside with a delicious drink was the perfect treat after a fun adventure in the sun.
Repurpose tableware review - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comIn the summer, the best way to enjoy the afternoon is an impromptu popcorn and movie party in the middle of the day. To make snacking easier for the kids, I put the kettle popcorn in the bowl. The material used to make the bowl was awesome. I would have trusted sloppy macaroni and cheese or even soup in the bowl. Because the material was so strong, I could see it withstanding moistness as needed.
Repurpose tableware review - Theresa's Reviews -

Enjoying one last bite of popcorn after tossing a few toys on the floor, Georgiana was finally satisfied and ready to rest. To me, the best thing about the bowls is that they’re made from toddler-friendly material, so they won’t shatter if she throws them on the floor as she did with a ceramic plate last week. Plus, the bowls are portable, so I can easily bring some when we travel.
Repurpose tableware review - Theresa's Reviews -

At last, when my sleepy toddler went to her room for her nap, I could now return to finish my morning cup of coffee at 3:00 in the afternoon. Being a parent’s helper is what Repurpose tableware is meant for, to step in to fix the days when everything has turned to chaos. Why worry about dishes when there’s finally one moment to relax?Repurpose Product Line - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo courtesy of Repurpose

While trying out the full line of products from Repurpose, I was impressed with how strong the silverware felt. Ideal for parties, the heavy duty plates felt strong enough to hold a full meal. The small plates were awesome too and looked great for a slice of cake. I look forward to my daughters learning to serve themselves more food and earn rewards for their independence. 

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