Discovering clothes from other parts of the world is a neat way to learn about different cultures. When New Zealand-based online retailer Classical Child contacted me about doing a review, I was excited to discover more about the styles they carry. For my two daughters, the company sent two pairs of socks for each girl as well as matching hair bows. Since it’s back to school shopping time, getting the accessories sent to my home was very timely and useful. Shopping online for kids’ items has major advantages. We didn’t have to face the crowded stores, while another benefit was that my kids couldn’t ask for more than I wanted to get. My daughters were thrilled with the item’s arrival, and they couldn’t wait to try everything on immediately.

Classical Child Review

My older daughter Samantha received a pair of knee high tassel socks. She usually wears a size five or six, but the size four fit fine on her. While the item had a fun, whimsical style, the quality of the fabric was excellent. Because the fabric was so soft, the socks were comfortable. Knee high socks with tassels will look very cute in the fall when I buy her some knee high boots. The socks would also look cute with Samantha’s skirts and her purple Mary Janes.

Classical Child Review - Theresa's Reviews -

Another item we received was the pom pom socks for my younger daughter Georgiana. She adored the socks. The fit was right for her. Plus, the soft fabric made her very happy. Because she hasn’t owned long socks before, the novelty of the style was entertaining to her. She enjoyed watching the pom poms move as she walked. In the winter, these socks will look great with her dresses and boots.

Classical Child Review - Theresa's Reviews -

Both girls received red socks. Georgiana received the tall socks, and Samantha received the short socks. The material was a soft knit fabric that both girls adored. When they wear their Christmas dresses this winter, the socks will add a lovely dash of color. Plus, the socks will keep the girls warm and cozy during the chilly months.

Classical Child Review - Theresa's Reviews -

Although the socks were a huge hit, so were the hair ties. Samantha and Georgiana couldn’t wait to try the hair ties on, even just to wear during dinner. I liked the fabric the bows were made with as well as how the bows were puffy instead of frilly. The unique design on the fabric makes the bows a fun accessory that adds a splash of color to any outfit. Back to school season is the best time to stock up on items that can create a new look with other basic items. With the socks and hair ties from Classical Child, my kids can design new looks with the clothes they already have.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I could just imagine your daughter in those bow tie hair ties. I bet she looks adorable. The tassel socks probably wouldn’t look bad on her either.

  2. Jeannette

    I love those socks! I always wanted a little girl so I could put her in things like that. There is just something so sweet about them.

  3. Sandy KS

    Those socks are really cute!! I think they are adorable. I will have to pass the link along to a mother of a young girl.

  4. rika

    So cute… they’re so adorable and great colors. My daughter will be so happy to wear them

  5. Alli

    Both pairs of socks are so adorable! I love the tassels AND the pom poms. And those hair ties are cute, too.

  6. Jeanine

    pom poms! they are my favorite. My girls would love all of this no doubt! They are girly girls!

  7. Rosey

    The poms on the socks are just too cute. Little details make all the difference in the world, don’t they? 🙂

  8. Lynndee

    Those stuff are so pretty! I love the details of that bow tie. I love the pom poms and tassels in those socks too. If only I had a little girl. 🙂

  9. Michele D

    Those socks and bows are perfectly adorable! My daughter loves bows in her hair during her school days. So cute!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia

    Kids socks are always so cute. I love the little bows. It is adorable to see a little one with bows in their hair.

  11. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how cute?!?! My daughter is all about bows, even though they never stay in her hair that long… She would love this!!!!


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