Since Christmas, my children have found joy in many new toys. From crafts to silly games, we have been very entertained during our holiday break! One highlight has been using three new Num Noms toys. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m featuring all three toys and explaining what they do.

Num Noms Toy Review

When my daughter wrote Num Noms on her wish list for Santa, I discovered a lot of tiny toys that all smell delightful. While you can collect the small toys in different colors and scents, you can use the larger toy sets to make exciting creations.

Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit

First, Samantha was incredibly excited to open her new Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit on Christmas morning. Every since she saw it in a catalogue or commercial, she was eager to own it. As a girl who adores dressing nice and using kiddie beauty supplies, the craft kit fits well with her interests.


With the kit, you can design your own lip gloss. Each kit comes with two types of flavors, three containers, and sparkles. 


Make Your Own Creation

In a pink container, you receive a colorless, flavorless lip balm. To double check that the lip gloss would fit in one of the containers, I divided the lip balm into eight sections using a small tool that came with the kit.p1120947

Next, you take out one section and put it in a mixing bowl. I recommend having an adult do this to help children get started. It can be difficult to take out the right amount without getting messy.

Add 10 drops of your preferred flavor, and cover with sprinkles. Then, mix thoroughly using the tool. My daughters loved helping with this part. They took turns adding the sprinkles and stirring.p1120954

Use The Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck

This next part is fun and exciting for children. Taking the mixture, you use the tool to scoop it into the top part of the truck. Push down, and the lip gloss comes out like soft serve ice cream! Our mixture fit perfectly in the lip gloss container that came with the kit.p1120955

Try Out Your Lip Gloss

When you finish making your lip gloss, you can add your Num Nom to the top as a lid! The tops and bottoms of the containers are all interchangeable, so you can use any Num Nom you want.p1120958

We all enjoyed trying out the lip gloss! Not only was it sparkly and clear, but it also tasted nice and smelled good.p1120967

Overall, the Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit was easy to use, and it was simple to clean. To Samantha, making her own beauty supplies was entertaining and exciting.

Num Noms Art Cart

Since Georgiana also wanted Num Noms, she received the Art Cart for Christmas. She was very happy to be like her older sister and try out these new toys.


Stationery For Creative Children

With the art cart, you receive three popcorn-shaped erasers, an ink pad, a stamp, and a pink pencil. This set was perfect for my artistic children, who love spending their afternoons designing, drawing, and writing.


Georgiana loved drawing and using the stencil with the pink pencil. Since she’s only three years old, I don’t always let her use art supplies when she’s unsupervised. She was really excited to receive her own art supplies that she can use by herself. p1120973

Georgiana was generous enough to share the ink pad and stamp with her older sister. They both loved spending the afternoon making movie tickets and posters for us to use for our family movie night. Samantha even used it to write a letter about how much she loves Num Noms. All of their creations smelled lovely too!

Although the Art Cart did less than the Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit did, it provided my daughters with hours of play and didn’t require nearly as much supervision as the Lip Gloss Truck did. Both girls enjoyed using the Art Cart and will use it much more in the future.

Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker

Finally, we tried out the Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker. Samantha is going through a phase when she wants to get in the kitchen and make treats by herself. Not only did this kit give her the opportunity to make frozen treats using the mixes that were provided, but it also came with recipes you can use with your own ingredients.


Creating Your Own Freezie Pops

With this kit, you get three freezie pops, a holder, a mixing bowl and spoon, and three mixtures. Each mixture has a different flavor, including cotton candy, blue raspberry, and pineapple.


My daughters decided on the cotton candy flavor. I mixed it with some water to make a sweetly flavored freezie pop mixture. p1120979

To put the mixture in the Num tops, I removed the sticks. Next, I put the Nom lid on each one, and I put the holding container on a stable surface in my freezer. One major benefit of this kit is the holding container. We have other products that help children make popsicles, but this one looks more fun with its bright colors and fun design.


Waiting For Your Freezie Pop Creation

Although the directions said to wait seven hours, we waited six hours before taking them out of the freezer. I was happy to find that the freezie pops were completely frozen.


To get to the freezie pop, you have to take the Num lid off the base. Samantha held one end and I pried the lid off at the other end. The lid was difficult to pull it off, but you could run it under warm water for a few seconds to make it easier.p1120988

Samantha was very excited that her freezie pop could light up in different colors. From green to pink, it shone beautifully. This would be a fun popsicle to eat outside at night in the summer! I liked that it lit up with a bright, vibrant color.p1120990I thought the Lights Freezie Pop Maker was fun. My favorite part was that you can easily use your own recipes. This makes the kit practical and useful.

Num Noms Make Activities Fun!

Although there are many kits for making lip gloss, stationery, and popsicles, Num Noms make these activities more exciting. Being able to collect the small figures is exciting for children. I like that the toys come in light, good smelling scents, which makes them different from some other small figures you can collect. We had lots of fun doing these activities together.

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Disclosure: I received an item for free, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. candy

    I like the freezer pop kit and any art kit is always a hit. Love kits that get everyone involved and having fun together.

  2. Brandi Puga

    How fun are these! I loved making anything and everything as a kid and my own children are the same way now! thanks for sharing these great toys!

  3. Laura

    These are so cute. I love how the sets encourage creativity, I think that is really good for children.

  4. Julie Porter

    I had not heard of these toys, but my granddaughter would absolutely adore them! I think the Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck looks like so much fun and the Lights Freezie Pop Maker does as well. These will definitely go on my list for gifts.

  5. charlotte

    These look awesome and I would have loved them as a little girl! they are a sweet, non-digital gift which is always nice too! 🙂

  6. Catherine

    Awww my daughter also got the Num Nom’s lipgloss making truck for Christmas. She loved it! Now we need the freezie pop maker, too cute!

  7. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I don’t understand the fascination with these or the shopkins. Although the activities that these have seem to be a bit more fun. The whole idea of little food with faces is a bit strange to me.

  8. Debbie

    I saw these in the store and I thought they were SO cute!! If I had a little girl you can be sure I’d be getting these! lol I actually think these are cuter than the Shopkins and I love the idea of making real food with it (and lip gloss, too). So sweet. I always wondered how they worked, so thanks for the review!

  9. Bianca @LadyWiser

    I like the freezie pops kit because you can eat the
    finished product. When I was a little girl one of my best Christmas gifts was the easy bake oven.

  10. Heather

    My oldest would absolutely love this! She is all about the beauty stuff right now, and making her own would probably top it all 🙂

  11. Angela Tolsma

    these are adorable! I have not heard of this brand. The lipgloss ice cream truck is an awesome idea! I seriously can not wait for my nieces to get old enough for this type of thing!

  12. Debra

    This is totally awesome! What a great toy, too bad we have boys in our house. This looks like something even mommy would like!

  13. Caitlin

    How cute are these?! I’ve never heard of them before… definitely going to keep these in mind for my nieces’ birthdays.

  14. reesa

    My daughter LOVES these! But, I don’t think I have seen this one where you make your own lip gloss. She’d love that, I will have to find it for her birthday next month!

  15. Heather

    Oh those are just the cutest! I have never seen them before but I know a little girl who would love that lip gloss truck!

  16. Di Hickman

    ok now I feel like my childhood sucked! I would have LOVED to get these as gifts! Freeze pops that light up? WHAAT? Sign me up!

  17. Brittany

    This is such a fun idea for little girls! I have little boys but I could think of a few of their cousins that would absolutely love this! Making your own lip gloss could be so fun!

  18. Stephanie

    I’ve never heard of Num Noms but they all sound awesome! I love that the activity is so hands on. How cool to make your own lipgloss!

  19. Amy

    These toys are so cute. They remind me of my old easy bake oven! These are super creative too.


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