This is a sponsored post. I received payment for sharing information about this product launch. The payment didn't influence my views on the product.

Ganizer, a home organizational product, is a completely portable storage system that cuts down on clutter. The Universal Hanging System can be fastened over many surfaces and is portable. It’s great for seasonal items, toys, garage storage, and sporting goods. Starting soon, two sizes will be available for purchase through QVC.

Ganizer Organizational Product Launches on QVC

Ganizer will be also be available after its early August launch on QVC. The sizes for sale include the large and extra large for a special discounted price of $49.99 each. The product will be available for sale at other retailers soon. Ganizer shows demonstrations of the system and will also provide details where it can be purchased, including closer to date, the QVC information.

As a working mother of two young kids in a home without a lot of storage space, I struggle to minimize the clutter and find myself looking for new systems to make it not only simple to find things, but to keep my home looking clean and organized. The Ganizer is a huge help. The Ganizer is an easy to use, home organizational product as well as a portable storage system that cuts down on clutter by helping bring order and efficiency. I need that badly in this home. The Universal Hanging System can be fastened over a wall, door or rod and easily turns closets, walls and doors into convenient portable storage. Plus, when you need it, you can take it with you.


This is a sponsored post. I received payment for covering the product launch, but all opinions are my own.

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