Water bottles seem to have a mind of their own in my house, where I lose so many lids and constantly need to purchase new bottles for my girls. Now, I tried out a set of five water bottles, which were made in a set to help make drinking water appealing to children. Since I received the items, I’ve seen preteens out and about, carrying their full size, brightly colored Reduce water bottles. While using my background as a working mom and a teacher, I considered how the product worked well for me as well as my family.

Kids’ Water Bottles: Reduce WaterWeek

One of my favorite things about the bottles was the vibrant coloring, which really got my girls’ attention. The pink water bottle matched my younger daughter Georgiana’s tee shirt perfectly. Even though Georgiana was busy visiting with her relatives who were in town, I couldn’t help but snap some pictures to show how intrigued she was with the new bottles.

kids' water bottles

Georgiana was supposed to be sharing the new bottles with her sister, but she couldn’t resist snatching up her favorite one to try. I noticed that Georgiana was all smiles about the new item. As Georgiana tried out the item, she was a little messy using the cup because I didn’t use the sippy tops that the company sells. I’ve read that 18 month old children are supposed to phase out sippy cups to help their teeth come in right, so as a parent, I knew that a little mess was part of the learning process of having to use cups. Overall, I was really impressed that the opening on the tops was so small, which made less mess than most regularly shaped bottles with wider openings. The design seemed to work well for my younger daughter.

kids' water bottles My older daughter Samantha was also intrigued with her new bottles. The organization of the bottles was very appealing to my kids. Samantha enjoyed that she could just grab a bottle anytime she wanted, which gave her the independence that she craves. The idea of being allowed to take water and drink it anytime overjoyed  Samantha.

kids' water bottles

While using the products, I felt that the quality was good. I hand washed the items with hot soap and water. Because I plan on using the items so frequently, I intend to only use the dishwasher around once a week, if even. The mouths of the bottles are small for a regular sponge to fit in, but I own some of the super skinny baby bottle scrubbers that worked well to clean the inside of the water bottle. In the future, I will continue to use the bottles, and I might even need to buy another set so both of my girls get enough water.

To learn more, shop at the company’s website and visit the company on Facebook, where you can find nifty promotional codes for discounts.


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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Brianna

    These would be perfect for my sons! We are walkers to school and my 1st grader comes out the school doors and immediately wants a drink so it would be great to have these ready and waiting for when it’s time to leave to pick him up.

  2. Hillary

    We are huge water drinkers here, in fact it’s all my son will drink. Since it’s our primary beverage we can always use more water bottles. I love that these come with or without a spout top. I love to send slightly bigger bottles to the park with him so he has enough water to last through an afternoon of play.

  3. Mary Clements

    we go everywhere in the stroller and my girls love having their own water bottles, we would use these for our runs 🙂


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