When I was enrolled in grad school at Vandy, I took a children’s literature class. My professor encouraged my class to reread our childhood favorites now, as adults. One book that my professor recommended rereading as an adult was Charlotte’s Web, which was one of my favorite books when I was a child. This past summer, I reread Charlotte’s Web and I was surprised with the realism about farm life in the book. Now, children’s clothing company Out of Print sent me a Charlotte’s Web T-shirt for my older daughter Samantha to sample.

Click on the photo to see its full size.

Click on the photo to see its full size.

Out of Print T-shirt Review

Out of Print sent Samantha a blue, remarkably soft T-shirt. Comfortably and happily, Samantha wore the shirt as she ran around the yard. As a writer, I often review cool kids’ clothes, so I noticed that one of the best features of the shirt was the quality. The T-shirt had a natural, relaxed feel to its fabric and it didn’t feel stiff where the book cover was on the shirt.

In the past, I reviewed two other shirts from the company. My Alice in Wonderland women’s shirt is cozy to wear around the house and to run errands. The quality of the Alice in Wonderland shirt has remained constant over time, even with frequent washings. Another item I reviewed was the Pride and Prejudice kids’ shirt for my little girl Georgiana. Even though Georgiana wears the shirt regularly, the item is in excellent condition, except for a couple, barely visible pasta stains, which I scrubbed out weekly as she learned to feed herself.

Out of Print makes soft, high quality shirts that are durable. Regular wear has never damaged the T-shirts. The soft, worn feel of the shirts and the durable quality of the fabric makes the shirts a family favorite in my household.

While Samantha wore her shirt, she was ecstatic as she played in the yard. I could see that the shirt was a new favorite. Samantha felt comfortable and she moved happily. As a mom, I was excited to give my daughter a shirt that promoted literacy, instead of promoting a cartoon figure. The shirt had a cool, casual look paired with jeans as well as sandals. In the future, I can picture my daughter wearing her shirt as regularly as Georgiana and I wear our Out of Print T-shirts too.

Visit the company’s website. To contact the company, visit Out of Print on Facebook and Twitter.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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