If you’re looking for a delicious, family friendly salad recipe, you’re in the right place! Since my family is making an effort to eat healthier, I wanted to share one of our favorite salad recipe that everyone (even the kids) will eat. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can learn how to make the best strawberry blue cheese candied pecan salad.

Strawberry Blue Cheese Candied Pecan Salad

This past fall, I made a strawberry blue cheese candied pecan salad as part of a campaign with Karen’s Naturals. After doing a live Facebook video (which you can check out at the end of this post) and sharing on Instagram, I served the salad to my family. Everyone, including my daughters, loved the side dish! It’s become a family favorite. Not only does the salad go well with heavier dishes, like pasta, but it also pairs well with light, protein-rich meals, such as salmon.

How To Make Strawberry Blue Cheese Candied Pecan Salad


Blue cheese

1 red onion

Organic romaine lettuce

Candied pecans

Dehydrated strawberries  (we used Karen’s Naturals) or fresh strawberries

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing


  1. Put the lettuce in a salad bowl. Add in a generous amount of strawberries. We use dehydrated strawberries, but fresh ones taste great too! If you’re making the salad with fresh strawberries, slice them first.
  2. Break blue cheese into crumbles and add it to the salad. We use about half of a container of blue cheese, but you can add more or less to taste.
  3. Add candied pecans.
  4. Slice about a quarter of a large red onion, and add to the top.
  5. Top with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Toss well, and serve!


  • Although you can make the dish with fresh strawberries, keeping dehydrated fruit in the house makes it much more convenient. We had 1 pound of bulk organic dehydrated strawberries, which lasted well for a little over two months. Knowing that I already had the strawberries in our pantry, it was easy to remember to pick up the extra ingredients at the store each week.
  • If you want a healthier dish, plate it with less cheese and candied pecans.
  • You can also include avocado, but my family preferred it without the avocado.
Theresa's Reviews - Strawberry Blue Cheese Candied Pecan Salad

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You can also check out the Facebook live video I did while making the salad. This was the morning after I made cannolis and Italian meatballs with my mom. My kids woke up and had leftover cannolis for breakfast, so the salad was just what they needed to get some nutrients!

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  1. Leigh Anne Borders

    Yum! I always choose these kinds of salads when we go out to eat but have never been able to duplicate them at home. I also never had a recipe either. I am looking forward to making this one and enjoying it:)


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