Math is my older daughter’s favorite subject. As a certified K-6 teacher, I often teach my children academic skills. Previously, I reviewed several of the Rock N Learn educational DVDs. With my older daughter, she is frequently interested in the content, often because her younger sister is the biggest fan of the DVDs. Even though some of the subjects are far too advanced for a one and a half year old child, Georgiana becomes so proud of her ability to study next to her older sister.

Rock N Learn 10 DVD Math & Science

In November, I covered several deals that the company had with Zulilly, Groupon, and on the company’s website. One of the deals I shared with my readers was a 10 DVD Math & Science collection on Groupon. You can visit the Groupon deal here for the next five days. Because the company has proven to be so valuable in my children’s learning in the past, I was excited about the opportunity to review and hold a giveaway of the 10 DVD Math & Science collection. In the DVD pack, I received abridged versions of several of the company’s DVDs.
Rock N Learn 10 DVD Math & Science Review

Even though the DVDs were abridged, the collection still ran for a long time at 355 minutes. Content covered was from videos that included Add & Subtract, Let’s Tell Time, Money, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science and Human Body. The content varied and covered information for different age groups. Since my daughter has an interest in content that is advanced for a preschooler, the DVD collection was a practical item to keep her constantly pushing forward to learn more. There were also some simpler skills, such as addition and subtraction, that I have already been teaching her.

Learning about money was very appealing to my daughter. She always enjoys counting the coins in her piggy bank. Over the years, I taught her to save her allowance to use for buying small items at the store. The money DVD engaged her and taught her with songs, which is what she loves about the whole collection. After watching the DVD, she couldn’t wait to count her piggy bank money again.

As with the other DVDs that I’ve reviewed from the company, the collection was a great addition to my family’s educational media section of our TV stand. Both of my daughters enjoyed the DVDs. Even when the videos covered difficult content, the company does such a great job of using appealing characters and music. Wholeheartedly I would recommend the collection. Visit the company’s website where you can sign up for the email list to learn more.


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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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