Coming to select theaters and on demand December 15 from Lionsgate, Hedgehogs is an animated movie with an eco-friendly message. If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch with the family, check out why this movie is a good pick. Plus, you can download free activity sheets to go with the movie!

About The Lionsgate Hedgehogs Movie

In this outrageous family adventure, Web superstars @jennxpenn (Jen McAllister) and the Smosh duo (Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox) join forces with comedy legends Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Chevy Chase (Caddyshack). The laughter begins as a mischievous hedgehog named Bobby leaves his wilderness home and joins Hubert, a featherbrained pigeon, on a wild, unpredictable journey. They make their way to the big city, where stressed-out humans are losing their minds. Bobby and Hubert must calm the nervous citizens by being their cute, cuddly selves.

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Hedgehogs poster

Lionsgate Hedgehogs Movie Review

One thing I liked about this movie was that the main character Bobby always seems to overcome the challenges that come his way. He believes in himself. Whether he is slipping through the claws of a wolf or running away from humans, he always seems to succeed in the end. He believes he can outwit anyone who stands in his way.

Although he is good at heart, his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Pride and arrogance make him self centered.

The movie does a good job of showing the consequences of greed. Hedgehogs love berries, and they often do whatever they can to get the most delicious berry they see. Those moments provide a good talking point with children about whether you should take what you want without thinking about the consequence.

By the end of the movie, Bobby realizes that he can use his wit and speed to help others. When he decides to help the other animals, the movie has a heartwarming message that makes it a nice family movie.

My children thought the movie was hilarious. They especially liked the part when Bobby thought he was a bird. Due to an unfortunate accident, Bobby lost all of his memory. When a pigeon decides to raise him, he doesn’t know any better. He begins to eat like birds and even tries to fly like birds.

The movie has a good focus on environmental awareness. When humans become afraid that small critters carry a frightening virus, the animal’s habitats are threatened. You could use the movie to teach why animals’ homes matter.

Rated PG, Hedgehogs has a few fighting scenes and a couple romantic moments when the animals like each other. Check out the trailer below!

Lionsgate Hedgehogs Movie Activity Sheets

Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can download activity sheets to go along with the Hedgehogs movie! Download them by clicking the link below.

Hedgehogs Coloring Sheet

Hedgehogs Berry Fruit Salad

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Theresa's Reviews Lionsgate Hedgehogs movie review and activity sheets

Hedgehogs movie review and activity sheets

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