If you have a child going through First Communion in the Catholic Church, one of the first things to figure out is what she will  wear! Whether you are looking for a simple dress or something more elegant, you should start looking early in the year. Today featured on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out some First Communion dresses that will look beautiful for your daughter’s special occasion!

First Communion Dresses - Theresa's Reviews

First Communion Dresses For Girls

Since most children go through First Communion in second grade, the size 7 and 8 can quickly sell out in stores. When you decide on a style, you should buy it quickly. We put off our decision until a month before the big day, but we were able to find some great selections from Kohl’s! With a combination of discounts and Kohl’s cash, the dresses were all more affordable than some that we saw other places.

For my daughter’s First Communion, we chose the Bonnie Jean Satin Dress with Cross Charm. With cap sleeves and a pretty cross charm detail, this dress was the perfect mix of beauty and modesty for a religious ceremony. It fit true to size and had a comfortable satin fabric. The bows and flower details also looked nice and classic.

First Communion Dresses - Theresa's Reviews

Another classic style is the Bonnie Jean Mikado dress. This one is similar to the Bonnie Jean Satin dress that we chose. Some differences are that it doesn’t have the flower or bow details, but it does come with a pretty cross trimmed neckline. This dress has lace detail on the shoulders with cap sleeves.

If you are looking for a conservative style with elegant details, another one to check out is the Bonnie Jean Sequin Daisy 3/4-Sleeve Dress. Although this dress covers more, the mesh sleeves and neckline reminds me of one of my daughter’s favorite Elsa dresses from Frozen. This dress also has a sequined daisy bodice and sleeves and a mesh skirt.

Although this post was not made in collaboration Kohl’s, it just so happens that we found the best styles there! With plenty of dresses to choose from, they also came in the right sizes for our daughter, and the dress we ended up buying looked great in person too! Plus Kohl’s carries white tights, white shoes, and other essentials for the special occasion.

While dress shopping is a big decision for your child’s First Communion, make sure you take care of other major choices well ahead of time too! Pick out gifts, make food reservations for a celebratory meal, send invitations, and buy any outfit accessories. It can be hectic leading up the the big day, and you will appreciate having everything planned out in advance.

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First Communion Dresses - Theresa's Reviews

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