If you’re looking for summertime adventure entertainment for children, you’re in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews is the brand new Nickelodeon Paw Patrol: Summer Rescues DVD that will be released in stores on May 1, 2018. You can also enter to win a copy to give to your favorite Paw Patrol fan to enjoy this summer!

Paw Patrol: Summer Rescues DVD

Paw Patrol: Summer Rescues DVD

From adventures to the carnival to the dude ranch, the Paw Patrol characters are off to an exciting summer! As this animated preschool series bringing the excitement of summertime to DVD, your children can enjoy imagining that they are off on an adventure with their favorite Nickelodeon characters. With the seven heroic rescue pups named Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Skye, and Everest being led by a tech-savvy boy Ryder, they work hard to protect the Adventure Bay community under the summer sun.

With the seven heroic rescue pups named Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Skye, and Everest being led by a tech-savvy boy Ryder, they work hard to protect the Adventure Bay community under the summer sun.

In this DVD collection, you get the following eight fun episodes!

In Pups Save the Fireworks, Ryder and Marshall track down the missing Adventure Bay Day fireworks, while Chase and Skye round up the piglets that were delivered by mistake.

With Pups Save the Carnival, Cornelius the pig is causing chaos at the carnival and all of the prizes have vanished too. It’s up to the PAW Patrol to rescue the missing piggy and prizes.

Pups Save a Ferris Wheel shows that the PAW Patrol have a “wheel” problem on their hands when Mayor Humdinger tries to steal Adventure Bay’s new Ferris Wheel.

In Pups Save a Camping Trip, a cool camping trip turns into a risky rescue when the pups work together to save Chickaletta from a ravine.

With Pups Save Dude Ranch Danny, Chase and Skye search for Daring Danny X after he takes his horse on a wild off-trail ride through the desert.

Pups Save the Chili Cook-Off shows Rocky and Rubble must work together to fix Mr. Porter’s stove after it explodes at the big Chili Cook-Off.

In Pups Save a Sleepover, when Farmer Al’s animals go missing during a sleepover, it’s up to the PAW Patrol to rescue them before a big storm arrives.

Finally, with Pups Save a Windsurfing Pig, when Farmer Al’s pig Cornelius goes windsurfing, the PAW Patrol must set sail to bring him back to shore.



Our favorite was Pups Save a Sleepover because it’s the perfect show for preschoolers to enjoy during a sleepover at the grandparent’s house or a special movie night at home. Since my children love sleepovers, they really enjoyed this one.


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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

12 Responses

  1. Amy D

    My 2 daughters love Paw Patrol. We have all the pup toys with their vehicles, the lookout tower and a plush Rubble, Skye and Mashall. We don’t have any of the Paw Patrol DVD’s, so it would be great to have 8 episodes readily available for our movie nights.

  2. Jessi Housel

    My kids love to camp, cook outdoors and eat there too so I am excited about the Pups Save a Camping Trip. They’ll enjoy it and then we can go outside and have our own backyard ‘camping’ trip.

  3. Amy D

    I commented on your post “How To Simplify Your Life In 3 Easy Steps” under “Amy D.”

  4. Mary

    Being in the Northwest, my daughters dream about the sun. This is a way that they can see the sun and beach without us travelling 🙂

  5. Angela Ingles

    My son loooooves Paw Patrol, which he pronounces “Traw Trol”. His favorite character is Marshall.

  6. Debbie Erickson

    Paw Patrol is a favorite at our house. We love the adventures!

  7. Helen

    My little girl would love this. She loves Paw Patrol. Chase and Skye are her favorites.

  8. Hesper Fry

    I like the adventures the characters go on and my daughters love the show!

  9. kathy pease

    I love that it has Pups Save the Carnival..My granddaughter is a huge fan.

  10. Kayla Klontz

    My children both absolutely LOVE Paw Patrol, they would be super excited about this!


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