Are you looking for non-candy Easter gift ideas for children? You’re in the right place! Whether you want to cut back on sugar or find gifts that will last, plush toys are a thoughtful gift that children will love receiving for Easter. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out some adorable Easter basket plush toy ideas from Aurora World. You can also enter to win all the toys featured in this article! From simple stuffed bunnies to toys that pray aloud when you press them, these gift ideas are cuddly and sweet, and they work well as part of your themed gift baskets too.

Easter Basket Plush Toy Ideas - Theresa's Reviews

Easter Basket Plush Toy Gift Ideas

Children will be delighted to see these adorable toys in their basket on Easter morning! With adorably large teardrop eyes, the 15 inch Precious Moments Luffie Lamb is the biggest of all the plush toys in these baskets. It has the easily recognizable Precious Moments signature eyes and comes with a heart-shaped inspiration tag that reads “Heavens Blessing.” For a themed Easter basket, add a cross and rosary.

For a unique plush toy, check out the 8.5 inch Rainy Day Frog, who holds an adorable piece of nature (we called them wish blowers when I was a child). He might be small, but he has a big smile and a friendly look!

With two cute pink bows, the Garden Bunny stands 10 inches tall and holds a carrot. Not only is she adorable, but she is also very cuddly! You could add carrot seeds to the Easter basket for some gardening adventures.

One of the best features of Vintage Bunny Tulip is her beautifully large eyes! These eyes look similar to Luffie Lamb’s eyes, but are round and not in the teardrop shape that Luffie Lamb has. She is 13 inches tall and wears a pink tulip hat.

Easter Basket Plush Toy Ideas - Theresa's Reviews

This next Garden Bunny wears a pink sun hat and holds a shovel, ready to do some work in the garden! This gift would go well in an Easter basket that has a gardening theme. Add a small planting pot with gardening tools for children. You could also add a matching pink polka dotted sun hat.

Another adorable gift is the Rainy Day Ducking, who is 9 inches tall. He is ready for rain showers! You could add yellow rain gear to the Easter basket for an adorable rain-themed gift.

For a realistic gift, give the 10 inch Miyoni American White Rabbit. He works well for make believe play and re-enacting books about rabbits.

Give the gift of prayer with the Precious Moments 9.5 inch Prayer Girl Bunny. She has the signature tear drop eyes and wears a bunny suit. Her inspiration tag reads “Bless This Child.” When you press her, she plays “Jesus Loves The Little Children.” Put her in a gift basket with a religious kid’s CD for children who enjoy learning through listening and song.

Easter Basket Plush Toy Ideas - Theresa's Reviews


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