With the recent spike in coronavirus cases, we are taking safety seriously as a family. In the past month, we became more relaxed with a couple of outdoor playdates and fun mother-daughter shopping trips. Cutting back on activities we enjoy is difficult for all of us, but it’s important that we do what we can to protect ourselves, our family, and our community.

Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing a few choices our family is making to stay safe, and I’m featuring the children’s clothing brand Mightly.

Staying Safe with Mightly Children's Clothing & Masks

Wearing Masks Everywhere – Including To Get Our Flu Shots

Wearing masks matters! We make sure to bring masks everywhere we go. Even if it doesn’t seem crowded on a hike or a walk, it’s smart to bring them just in case.

We also made sure to wear our masks to get flu shots this year. Last year, my daughter did come down with the flu around Christmas time. Luckily, since she had the flu shot, it was a very mild case that didn’t require prescriptions or hospitalization, but it was a stressful experience nonetheless. So get your flu shot. You never know when or how you could get the flu, but it isn’t worth it to skip the flu shot and to have a much more severe experience with the illness.

Staying Safe with Mightly Children's Clothing & Masks

Having a Variety of Colorful Masks

We are preventing mask fatigue by trying out different styles, colors and patterns. Mightly offers three different 5-packs of masks. One has pinks and blues, one has bright bold colors, and one is black with bright lining.

These masks are made of a soft organic cotton material that makes them comfortable to wear. They fit and cover the face well. Adjusting them is easy. Simply pull the lining to make the mask smaller or larger.

Since the patterned fabric and colorful lining matches the company’s dresses, accessorizing with the masks becomes a fun part of getting ready. My children are not going to forget that masks are a reminder of this new normal, but they do get excited about choosing a style to best express how they’re feeling each day.

Staying Safe with Mightly Children's Clothing & Masks

Staying Comfortable and Cozy at Home

Since we are making a dedicated effort to stay home, cozy loungewear makes it a better experience. Mightly organic fall dresses are made with soft material, and they have pockets. Whether it’s time to sit in front of the computer for school or it’s time to twirl outside during a long recess break, these are an excellent choice to stay comfortable at home.

As my children grow out of some of their faded, old clothing, it’s nice to add new clothes to their wardrobe that have bold, bright colors and fun patterns, like guitars and microphones.

Staying Safe with Mightly Children's Clothing & Masks

Choosing Fair Trade and Organic Clothing

Now is the time to re-evaluate our shopping choices and to shop purposefully. You can support a small women-owned business with Mightly. Also the clothing line is Fair Trade certified and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Taking safety seriously during the pandemic can be a bit isolating, but I’m happy to connect with all of you here on Theresa’s Reviews. Grab an extra cup of coffee, read some more, and leave me a comment telling me what you’ve been doing lately.

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Staying Safe with Mightly Children's Clothing & Masks

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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