Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Launch Trailer

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Launch Trailer

If you are looking for an action adventure game for the Nintendo Switch, you are in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I am sharing the launch trailer for Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia. Check it out here!

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia is an expansive open-world action roleplaying game based on the globally popular anime TV series, innovative toy line, and card game. In Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, players will collect and befriend powerful Bakugan creatures, building, and customizing teams of three to take part in strategic Bakugan brawls.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Launch Trailer

Players will also be able to take their teams online to compete against other users across the world to become a true Champion of Vestroia. The game will also offer fans and newcomers a brand-new, original story that’ll let them experience the world of Bakugan like never before in a fully-navigable 3D world.

My children are excited to play this game solo on their Switches and to play in the Online Multiplayer Brawls. We received the deluxe version.


  • Bakugan™: Champions of Vestroia ™ Videogame
  • Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid™ transforming Bakugan™ Toy
  • Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid™ trading card
  • Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid™ metal gate card
  • Two powerful BakuCores™

It has clear, colorful graphics as well as exciting gameplay and storytelling that makes it appealing to play. You can explore different battle environments, such as a sunny waterfront, a busy downtown, and a factory filled with enemies.

In this game, you collecting monsters in order to fight them. Since my children are fans of Pokemon and this has a similar style, the game is a huge hit. Bakugan creatures evolve when you’ve leveled them up to a certain point, which is similar to leveling up in Pokemon, although in this game, the creatures don’t physically look different. Nonetheless, they do become more powerful and develop more competitive fighting skills.

Bakugan™: Champions of Vestroia is rated 10+ for fantasy violence and users interacting. This game does have mixed reviews, but if you are looking for a new Nintendo Switch game release to add to your children’s stockings this holiday season, it has enough pros to be worth playing.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Launch Trailer

Fierce strategic battles await you in Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Get ready to brawl your way towards becoming the Bakugan Battle League Champion.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Launch Trailer

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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