2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

Theresa’s Reviews 2020 Tween’s Virtual World Gift Guide

If you are looking for gift ideas for a technology-obsessed tween, you are in the right place! Featured today in Theresa’s Reviews annual 2020 Tween’s Virtual World Gift Guide, I’m sharing tween-approved gifts that make virtual endeavors more fun and exciting.

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Video-Creation Gifts

Give time and tools to create. You can encourage creating with technology with these gifts. Inspire your tween to make more professional-looking videos with gifts that elevate their video-making skills.

One gift that packs value is the Valera Creator 95 Professional Collapsible Green Screen + Valera Background Gallery Bundle. This green screen is compact, and it has a wrinkle-free screen. It’s simple to assemble. You can use the background gallery that Valera provides, or find your own backgrounds to fit the story you’re telling with your video.

With a green screen, you can up your filmmaking game without a new, expensive camera or the best editing equipment under the tree this holiday season.

Check out the video that my child made to demonstrate how the Valera green screen works. She filmed most clips using a ring light with phone tripod, a cell phone, and iMovie.

For making stop motion or any other videos, this phone tripod with wireless remote helps with close-up shots because it’s durable and compact.

Another video-creation gift is lighting, which vastly improves video quality. For a major improvement in your lighting, make sure to buy an umbrella kit. These offer two sources of effective high-wattage lighting for an all-around well-lit look.

A clip-on ring light is a stocking-stuffer that works with computers and cell phones. It adds brightness if your room is dark or if you’re filming at night.

Technology-Inspired Toys

Tweens might be too old for certain toys, but you can look for gifts that combine technology with a playful experience. You’re never too old to play.

Technology offers a new way to make playing with toys fun for older children. In the virtual ongoing American Girl Stop Motion & Filmmaking club and the virtual one-week American Girl video creation class that I teach, many of my students are tweens. They tend to have a better understanding of the plot structure and meaning of the American Girl chapter books, and they enjoy using the latest technology to make their own films that they can share with friends.

Having props, accessories, and more than one doll help make more detailed videos. After going through the American Girl Holiday 2020 catalogue with my tween, I have some recommendations.

The RC Sports Car in Pink is a remote-control car that has gorgeous colors and details. To entertain my tween, our Yorkie puppy Coco might see this gift addressed to her under the tree.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

If you want to add to your doll collection, one of the most exciting 2020 releases was the Courtney Doll. She is a historical doll from 1986. Courtney’s Bedroom Set comes with fun, tiny accessories, like a miniature retro phone that lights up and rings.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

Bunk beds are perfect for doll friends to play on together. If you missed out on the limited edition Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Doll, which shimmers with more than 240 Swarovski® crystals, you could buy Truly Me #86, which has a similar hair color.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift GuideAnother tech-inspired accessory for tweens who enjoy gaming is the PAC-MAN arcade game. It has a working joystick and buttons, and it plays like the real thing.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

Another PAC-MAN-inspired gift is Courtney’s Lunch Set. The tiny food is adorable, and it can inspire DIY food crafts with clay too.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a more affordable option than buying your tween their own XBox, get this miniature XBox gaming set for their doll. It projects 10 different gaming scenes, and it comes with a cord to plug the speaker into personal devices to play music.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

Gifts That Inspire Unplugging Occasionally

Tweens enjoy their screen time, and they can become very skilled at creating with technology. However, sometimes it is nice to get a reminder to unplug.

One gift with a kind message is Wish Beads bracelets. You write a wish, goal, or words of encouragement on a tiny piece of paper.

2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift GuideTuck the paper inside the bracelet. The bracelet is a reminder to focus on that special idea later.

With virtual school requiring more organizational skills and with special events being canceled, tweens need a reminder to focus on their goals now more than ever. This bracelet can help.
2020 Tween's Virtual World Gift Guide

These are some of the top gifts that we personally tried out, or that we have on the way to place under the tree. The holidays may be different this year, but with these technology items, my children can continue to connect with the rest of the world.

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