Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

Theresa’s Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

Are you looking for holiday gifts for a 7-year-old girl? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I am sharing the top gifts to bring joy, excitement, and learning this holiday season.

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These are all items that I personally unboxed, tried out, and played or used with my daughters. Each item provided a unique and fantastic experience. Our jaws dropped with the Wow! gifts, and we giggled together with the hilarious gifts. Unboxing offered hours of entertainment and fun. As their parent, I was happy to see them learning too.

Wow! Gifts

If you are looking for Wow! gifts this holiday season, American Girl is the place to look. The new 2020 American Girl Kitchen comes with tons of tiny food and cooking supplies. Check out the Theresa’s Reviews American Girl Kitchen unboxing video to see more.

Truly Me #88 and #86 had so much fun cooking up a meal together in this kitchen! The pizza slicer really spins, and the ice dispenser even dispenses ice! These props would be really fun for making a stop motion video or film to share with friends.

You can sign up for my American Girl Writing & Acting class to learn to make stop motion & videos with your dolls here!

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

With the American Girl kitchen set, girls can pretend to be just like their mothers. There’s a mixer in the trendy mint green color that really mixes, a doll apron, and a grater with a block of cheese.

This item is perfect for 7-year-old girls because they have outgrown the kitchen set they played with in preschool, but they continue to have an interest in pretending to cook.

It’s also fantastic because it has such tiny pieces that it isn’t going to take up much space. We’ve had so many children’s baking sets that let you bake-you-own pastry or make-a-snow-cone, and they just get set to the side, and they gather dust.

I’m a huge fan of this American Girl kitchen set because we have a plan to make stop motion videos with it and play together while we’re at home often together.

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

Hilarious Gifts

This age has a fantastic sense of humor. Keep those smiles coming with the hilarious game Doggie Doo. Watch my children’s video to see how to play it.

Puppy-themed gifts are perfect for people who recently got a puppy, like us! Our Yorkshire Terrier Coco is the most adorable and fun dog. If you got a new puppy this year too, celebrate the newest member to your family by coming together to play a silly game.

PLUS the game is a reminder of the responsibilities required of you when you own a pet. You have to make sure to scoop the poop to get your point and win.

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

Subscription Boxes

Gift a subscription box, such as Little Learning Hands, for a fantastic experience. Opening the subscription box offers surprises and fun! Check out this video my children made to see what’s inside the World box and the France box.

Part of the fun is discovering what you’re going to get in the box. This kit truly delivers value with its educational content and hands-on activities. There are also small trinkets, such as a flag or play money, that provide exciting, teachable moments.

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

For dessert, my daughters and I made the apple tart recipe in the France box. During the preparation of the dish and as we enjoyed eating it, it was a cultural experience that truly felt worthwhile.

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

Educational Enrichment

For many, this holiday season will be a year to appreciate what we have instead of hoping to have things we do not have. Practical gifts are appreciated, especially by parents. If you are looking to help provide educational enrichment, check out IXL.

IXL provides a unique, tailored educational program that meet the needs of any child. Each recommended skill helps fill gaps that have been overlooked, or they help challenge in areas of strength.

My children have been doing IXL for several years. The years that they completed more IXL skills were years that they performed better on standardized testing.

This website is not filled with fun and games, but the satisfaction they get from placing in higher classes is worth the time they spend in the program. Gifting a subscription to this website would be a helpful addition to any current educational program.

Theresa's Reviews 2020 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

I hope you found some wonderful gift ideas! Whether you are going to gift a Wow! gift, hilarious gift, subscription box, or educational enrichment, there is something for everyone.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.