With the snow falling beautifully outside, reviewing my ice scraper was of the utmost importance today. Giving the tool a try in the right weather conditions was critical to writing an honest review of the product. As I always leave for work before my husband, I reviewed the item with consideration to the fact that I would likely use it myself on early mornings in the cold in the next few winter months. Snow drifted through the sky, piling up on the ground, which made the conditions ideal for writing. My brainstorming process consisted of a hands on experience, while I scraped the snow off my car.

IceDozer Classic 2.0 Ice Scraper Review

Holding the ice scraper, I noticed that it fit well in my hand. With a strong handle, the product was shaped to provide the best comfort and avoid stress. In the past, other ice scrapers that I used felt so flimsy in my hands that they caused muscle stress as I scraped my car. As I don’t have a lot of upper body strength, I found that the ice scraper minimized some of the stress that can be involved with scraping a car. The product’s grip and handle worked successfully.

IceDozer Classic 2.0 Ice Scraper

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Another neat feature of the product was that it had a unique shaped scraper. Making the product effective, the flexiblade had spike-shaped pieces to grab hold of any stubborn frost or ice. I liked that the flexiblade was long and wide, so it scraped large amounts of snow. I only had to scrape off my car about six times to get all of the snow off the window. While the product was effective, it was also efficient.

IceDozer Classic 2.0 Ice Scraper

Click on the photo to see it larger.

Although I placed the tool on my husband’s tool rack in the garage, I absolutely plan to use it myself. On cold mornings, I’m going to appreciate being able to be independent in getting my car ready to take me to work. Made with comfort in mind, the product had a handle that was better than so many others I used in the past. Using the product made working in the snow feel less like work to me. To learn more, visit the company’s website.


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Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Adele

    That is scraper looks wonderful. I love the part where you can hold onto it. It seems so much easier and it looks like it would keep your hand out of the ice or snow as you scrape it.


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