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2016 Christmas Gift Guide

For the 2016 year, I will be working on various gift guides (kids, women, men, and more). If you work with me, the amount of promotion you receive depends on the total value of the product or products you send.

The following information is for the 2016 Christmas gift guide. I also work on gift guides for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and birthdays. Feel free to email at with any questions about other gift guides.

  • Items with a current retail price over $300 will receive an article, inclusion in the gift guide, and a social media blast that includes multiple posts on various social media accounts leading up to Christmas.
  • Items with a current retail price over $100 will receive one article separate from the gift guide, inclusion in the gift guide, and a one-time social media promotion.
  • Items with a current retail price under $100 will be included in the gift guide will not receive separate social media promotion and shout outs.

If you would like to receive more promotion but your product is less expensive, you may also send payment via Paypal to make up for the remaining amount.

To be a part of the Christmas gift guide article, submit your contact information in this Google Form document by October 31st. All pitches must be received by then to be placed in the article when it goes live. If you would like to be included after the article goes live but before December 24th, feel free to email me and let me know.

It is a requirement to send a full-size sample. A $50 minimum total value is required for the sample. If an item arrives that does not meet the description of my sample request, I may not be able to include it in the article. All samples should arrive by the deadline, or they may be added to the article after it is published, or not included. After mailing the sample, you will need to send a tracking number and photos of the product.


Check out the 2016 baby/new mom holiday gift guide.



1.) Do you share gift guides to social media?

A: Yes, I do share the article across all social media platforms. 

2.) Do you guarantee you will include my product?

A: No, that’s not possible. There has only been one time this year that I didn’t include an item, though. It wouldn’t function as promised, and that wouldn’t be fair to recommend to my readers.

3.) Will being a part of your gift guide increase my sales?

A: The purpose of PR is not to increase sales, but to increase brand awareness. I will get more people to know about your company, which may lead to more interest in your product. I do not claim to make sales directly from my articles, and I can’t guarantee more web traffic after an article is live. My articles are not promotional ads; they are thoughtful descriptions and reviews.

4.) Do I get my sample back after the gift guide?

A: No, not at this time.