Gift Guides FAQ

Submit Your Product To My 2017 Gift Guides!

Theresa’s Reviews is currently working on 2017 Christmas Gift Guides for women, children, and men. Each article will include a roundup of products. I will not plan a separate article for each product, but each will receive a social media shout out.

Email for more information and guidelines.


1.) Do you share gift guides to social media?

A: Yes, I do share the article across all social media platforms.

2.) Do you guarantee you will include my product?

A: No, that’s not possible. There has only been one time this year that I didn’t include an item, though. It wouldn’t function as promised, and that wouldn’t be fair to recommend to my readers.

3.) Will being a part of your gift guide increase my sales?

A: The purpose of PR is not to increase sales, but to increase brand awareness. I will get more people to know about your company, which may lead to more interest in your product. I do not claim to make sales directly from my articles, and I can’t guarantee more web traffic after an article is live. My articles are not promotional ads; they are thoughtful descriptions and reviews.

4.) Can I send products in exchange for links?

A: No, if you are sending a product – or compensation – with an agreement of coverage – I cannot guarantee links to your website. I can include a link if it helps my readers learn about your product, but the link will be nofollow.