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This article was updated on April 23, 2017 to include Baltimore in the Top 10 Travel Articles.

Theresa’s Reviews has covered many destinations. From Florida to New York City, these travels have been well documented not only in pictures and videos, but also with blog posts. Taking road trips with small children has been quite the adventure, but I made sure to share my best tips with all of you. Since traveling has been such a big part of my journey as a writer, I wanted to share my top 10 Travel Articles. Some of these are my best performing, and some are my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy checking them out, and please feel free to share any suggestions of places I should visit with me by visiting my social media.

Top 10 Travel Articles 

I couldn’t imagine not documenting the travels I am lucky enough to experience. Whether I’m stopping in restaurants, learning about the history of an area, or visiting for entertainment, traveling is one of the most relaxing and invigorating ways to spend a vacation. Check out my top 10 Travel Articles.

1. Top 10 Places You’d Love To Visit In St. Augustine, Part 1

As my top performing travel article, the Top 10 Places You’d Love To Visit In St. Augustine, Part 1 was the result of an awesome, last minute collaboration with the St. John’s Convention Visitor’s Bureau. During a well planned road trip to Walt Disney World, we took an impromptu detour and ended up revisiting the hometown of my alma mater.

Whether you are looking for restaurant recommendations or interesting places to learn about the past, this article showcases some of my favorite local places. Since I studied History at Flagler College, I knew all the best heritage tourism spots to show my children. You can also check out the Top 10 Places You’d Love To Visit In St. Augustine, Part 2 to learn about some more entertaining places to visit. From the oldest Catholic parish to the oldest Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, you can discover some of the oldest places in America. 


2. 2017 Guide To Spring Break Family Fun In Baltimore

Although some of the most beautiful places in Maryland are outside the cities, Baltimore is well worth visiting. For families, Baltimore offers numerous attractions that you can read about in the 2017 Guide To Spring Break Family Fun In Baltimore. From the National Aquarium to the Science Center, the Inner Harbor has numerous family friendly places to visit, all located on the beautiful harbor of the Chesapeake Bay. You can also venture outside this touristy area to visit the Baltimore Museum of Art, Little Italy, and the Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

Baltimore offers many fun family attractions.

3. 5 Things To Do In Ocean City, Maryland

Any local Marylander knows about the best places to visit in Ocean City. If you’re not from around there, it’s still well worth visiting. In 5 Things To Do In Ocean City, Maryland, you can check out my first time to visit this well known, iconic beach and boardwalk. From trying out delicious Thrasher’s Fries to visiting the entertaining Trimper’s Haunted House, we visited the best local spots that many Marylanders grew up doing during every vacation from school. 


4. Walt Disney World Park Hopper Passes: Are They Worth It?

After winning a bid on Walt Disney World Park Hopper passes at a local auction, my family and I took a couple of months to plan our first Disney vacation. In the article Walt Disney World Park Hopper Passes: Are They Worth It?, you can see how we used our opportunity to park hop. With our two children in tow, park hopping was overall a success, although doing it on the third day of at Disney World might have been a little tiring for the youngest one! Park hopping was a good way to see each park, but visiting each one separately might have made the day feel less rushed.


5. 5 Tips To Make The Most Of The Magic Kingdom

If you’ve never visited the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney, 5 Tips To Make The Most Of The Magic Kingdom will provide a good overview of tips to make the most of your time there. Since my family and I visited Magic Kingdom on two separate days, we were able to see from trial and error what worked best. Some tips – using Fast Passes and arriving early – saved us hours of waiting. If you’re visiting soon, check out these tips, and feel free to ask me any questions before your vacation there.


6. Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World, Part 2

If you’re driving along the East coast to get to Walt Disney World, you may be in for a long road trip if you’re visiting with children. In Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World, Part 2, I covered some of the best places to stop along the way. Even though there are many affordable hotels along the interstate during the journey, selecting the right city to stop in can turn a mid-way point into another part of the vacation. Check out the article to see the two incredible small towns we stopped in that made our road trip much more fun and relaxing for everyone.


7. 4 Kid-Friendly Places in Downtown Nashville

Even though I grew up in Nashville, returning and exploring the area with two children was an entirely new experience. In my article 4 Kid-Friendly Places in Downtown Nashville, I share my journey from downtown Nashville to MidTown. Although downtown Nashville might be known for its honky tonk nightlife, it is also a kid-friendly location that offers much for the whole family. With the help of my parents, I discovered places I didn’t even know existed (a playground behind the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge) and revisited some of the hip, up and coming places (the Gulch), during a fun summer getaway.


8. Peaceful Weekend Getaway In Bucks County, Pennsylvania

In the fall, we returned to school and work life with memories of summer travels still on our mind. When the opportunity to explore the nearby destination of Bucks County, Pennsylvania came up, I couldn’t wait to get away for Labor Day weekend. Check out the article Peaceful Weekend Getaway In Bucks County, Pennsylvania to discover how we spent our weekend there. Since I hadn’t spent much time in Pennsylvania before, I was pleased to find a small town with boutiques, a beautiful view, delectable food, and a fun railroad experience. Spending two days in the area was enough to realize that we would love to come back again.


9. 5 Tips For Visiting Sesame Place

One of the best parts of visiting Bucks County for my children was spending an afternoon at the Sesame Place amusement park. This was my first time to visit Sesame Place. Since I had just visited Walt Disney World, I was happy to discover that Sesame Place was more low key and simple to navigate in one afternoon. My younger daughter was the perfect age to meet Elmo, and my older daughter enjoyed the water rides. Labor Day weekend was the ideal time to still enjoy the sunny weather, without it being too hot. If you plan to visit, you should check out my 5 Tips For Visiting Sesame Place.


10. Travel Tuesday: A Day In New York City

My last travel article, Travel Tuesday: A Day In New York City, is one of my favorites. Although I briefly lived in New York City for some internships in college, I hadn’t been back since then. Now that I live within a driving distance, it was incredible to spend one entire day walking around the city. From Central Park to Gramercy Park, my husband and I spent less than 24 hours dining on incredible food, seeing a show, and sightseeing. With over five miles of a self-led walking tour, we discovered some fantastic places well worth seeing. 

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