Since my neighborhood is getting its first real snow of the year, I’m reminded of how fun it is to see snow when you become a parent. Small everyday moments become more incredible when you can share them with children. Last week when I made my resolutions, many of them had to do with my daughters. In 2017, I want to spend more unplugged time with my children, and I want to be more active in ways that include them. Whether we can go outside and play or we choose to stay in and have dance parties, being a family means that we rely on the support of each other to stay healthy. 

If You Want To Plan More Active Family Time, You Have To Dress For It

While planning family time, I considered how I should dress to stay active. As I recently shared in this article, my sandstone colored Chaco Hopi boots are my go-to footwear for winter. For the past year, I have worn these boots on all occasions. This past November, I walked for 6 hours in New York City. My feet weren’t even sore afterwards. When Chaco sent me the same style in black, I smiled. Not only does this pair have that shiny, new shoe look, but they also have the support and comfort I need for active living.

Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots

Snowy Day Fun Pictures

I loved trying out my favorite boots on a beautiful snowy day. My daughters wanted to dress up in matching white dresses to get a picture together. We spent an hour getting ready for the picture, and I couldn’t even get them to stand together and smile! When the snowy fun became a major distraction to my energetic children, I was glad I had on boots that were perfect for running after them. Check out the fun we had in this series of pictures.

Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots

Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots

Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots

Theresa's Reviews - Snowy Fun In Chaco Hopi Boots

About Chaco Hopi Boots

Something I adore about Chacos is that they have a style for every season. If you want boots you can actually walk in, the Hopi boots are ideal for winter. With wool, fleece and weatherproof leather material, they look fashionable and keep you warm. Not only are the boots flat, but they also have the LUVSEAT™ PU footbed, which provides support that makes walking comfortable. Whether you pair the boots with a dress and a sweater or with jeans, they look great for all occasions.

Your Fashion Stories

Have you ever liked your clothes or shoes so much that you bought a second pair, or were you ever disappointed that you didn’t? Share your fashion story in the comments!

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Disclosure: I received an item for free, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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34 Responses

  1. Jhanis

    Lovely photos! How I wish we get snow here! My daughter keeps asking why it never snows in our area. LOL And I would totally wear those boots in our tropical island. Love it!

  2. Terri Steffes

    Those look great on you and look like they would be waterproof and warm. I love boots, my husband says I have a pair for every degree in temperature.

  3. Amber

    I love that you mention being an active family requires you to dress for it. When I was teaching, it always saddened me to see students who weren’t dressed appropriately to REALLY play outside the way they wanted too.

  4. Jalisa

    These look like great boots. Especially for the snow. Living in New England I will say that these are a must boot.

  5. karen

    I do not own any Chaco Hopi boots, but have heard of them before. They seem really fabulous for the winter (or any season)… and those photos of you outside in the snow with them are so fun!

  6. Rose Sahetapy

    Comfortable and stylish boots, I must say. We don’t have snow yet here in the region I live in Belgium, but I know what I will need when the snow comes, a pair of perfect boots like yours. Your pictures with your daughters are adorable!

  7. Jean

    These look like great boots! What beautiful photos of you and your girls enjoying the snow 🙂 I would love some snow here in the UK!

  8. Debra

    I have definitely been disappointed that I didn’t buy two of something or tried to find it later and I couldn’t because they stopped making it! So if you love something and you can buy another one! These boots are darling.

  9. Angela Tolsma

    I love love these snowy pictures! Snow is just so magically for kids and makes it so exciting. As an adult all you can think about is moving it out of the way, but children make it wonderful again.

  10. Allison

    I love these boots! I have some Chaco flip flops and they are so comfy! I am ready for warmer weather just so I can wear them. I need to get these boots!

  11. Heather

    Once I find something that I love, I often buy several – it just makes it easier! Those boots are adorable, and something that works in snow is a definite bonus.

  12. Caitlin

    Super pretty photos! I’ve definitely bought multiples of an item when I loved the cut or fit… too many times before when I DIDN’T, they stopped making it! (This is a total first world problem, I know!)

  13. Reesa Lewandowski

    These are just beautiful! And you were able to walk in NYC with no issues??? Hmmmm!!!!! I love them in the brown too!

  14. Silvia

    These boots like perfect for the snow! Looks like you had a blast with the kids! 🙂

  15. Brandi Puga

    I think these boots are adorable, and look super comfy! But I love your pictures the most, they are so serene and beautiful with the snow captured around you!

  16. charlotte

    ooo these boots look really nice, I just bought a new pair myself but they aren’t very good in the snow or wet, I may need to get some like these that are more functional!

  17. Ashley LaMar

    Very cute! We don’t get very much snow in Georgia but when we do I never feel prepared for it. My shoes are never good at keeping the wet snow out and my feet end up freezing. 🙁

  18. Amanda Love

    That’s awesome. I love boots especially during the winter, they’re so handy and they’re perfect for the season. It’s nice that you got to try these boots out, it looks super comfy!

  19. Holly

    Those are really nice boots. I don’t get much snow where I live so I don’t have any kind of snow stuff.

  20. Megan mccoig

    Really nice boots. I need something like these for when I visit NY in a few weeks as it’s going to be snowy there to!

  21. Robin Rue

    There is nothing like a great pair of boots. I have a couple pairs that I could not part with when it comes to snow time fun.


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