elsa frozen halloween costumes

5 Best Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes

This post was edited in 2019.

Shopping for Halloween outfits has become as competitive as shopping for the best toys around Christmas time. One October morning in 2014, Elsa outfits were selling so fast that they could sell out completely, just as the Elsa castle of my daughter’s dreams did that Christmas.

In 2017, attending the press event for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure revealed details about the costume decisions. I even saw the incredible singer who does the voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel, sparkling in her shiny, shimmery gown on the red carpet!

Recently in 2019, Frozen 2 became a top blockbuster hit, and the dream of dressing as the Ice Queen continues!

elsa frozen halloween costumes

Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes: 5 Best Picks

Classic Frozen Elsa Costume

The Disney store sells the Elsa Costume for Kids. The new style has a cape that the original did not have. I like the cape because it covers cold shoulders more than the original style did.

elsa frozen halloween costumes

As a less expensive option, check out the Girls Elsa Costume – Frozen from Party City. I like that the dress has straps on the shoulders to keep the sleeves up on the arms. It falls mid-way between the knee and ankle, which would make it easier to walk in than the longer Disney style.

Chasing Fireflies has The Ultimate Collection Elsa Costume For Girls. This style has a higher neckline than some of the other styles. Similar to the Disney Elsa dress, this one also has long, sheer sleeves.

5 Best Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Elsa Costume

Another option is Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Elsa Costume For Girls. With this soft velour gown, the fur trim and long sleeves will keep you warm in cold weather. It also has faux fur around the neckline.

5 Best Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes

Frozen 2 Elsa Costume

Disney Store offers the Elsa Costume for Kids with the classic high collar and jewel details. Add the Elsa Costume Boots to complete the look!

For a similar look for less, buy the Disney Frozen 2 Princess Elsa Travel Dress from Walmart. They also carry similar Costume Boots as a cute accessory.

Party City has the Child Act 1 Elsa Costume. With this long sleeve purple dress, the sparkling gemstones will help bring Elsa’s powers to life!

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5 Best Elsa Frozen Halloween CostumesHow did your Frozen Elsa costume work out? Share in the comments!

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