Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes

Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes

It is time to double check your gift list, and make sure you add in 2020’s most fabulous gift ideas for women. Are you shopping for a fun, fashionable woman this holiday season? If so, I have you covered. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, the Michaela V shoe wear line has festive green shoes that come in the softest suede. She will thank you later.

Check out my unboxing and styling video of the Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes below. These are a pair of shoes that I own, love, and recommend.

These are not the typical shoes I choose, but staying home for months made me hopeful for a change in my routine. I needed boots I could look forward to wearing somewhere special. With a cozy and warm style, they would work well for any outdoor event that doesn’t require much walking — outdoor dining at a favorite restaurant, dancing in a big city, or a stroll through downtown to see the lights. Despite the 3 1/2 inch fashionable heel, they are incredible comfortable.

If you think you couldn’t pull off such an ostentatious style, but you feel pulled towards the beauty of these boots, I have a style suggestion. You can pair them with these long black bootleg pants and a v-neck white blouse. The simplicity of this classic outfit makes the bright green boots work. They become a more subtle fashion statement that could be worn anywhere.

Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede ShoesEven if it’s been years since you polished off a pair of dancing shoes, these fabulous boots can inspire a good time. Whether you go out someplace fun or stay home, you could treat yourself to a fun holiday photo shoot that is all about you. In addition to your annual family portrait, snap some of yourself looking fantastic too!

Seeing people less frequently can become a reason to wear your baggiest clothes, and to skip styling your hair or doing your makeup. This holiday season treat yourself, or a woman you know, to a festive pair of shoes that serve as a reminder to take some Me Time.

Recently, my schedule has become a non-stop rush from housework to helping with virtual school, cooking and more housework, then more cooking and cleaning.

Sometimes Me Time seems like a thing of my past — a throwback to my early 20’s — a reminder of parties with friends and dinner dates. Now with a family to care for, thinking of myself can feel selfish. These luxurious shoes are a much-needed reminder to prioritize me from time to time.

During these times, self-care is a necessity more than ever. Being around family all the time can make it feel that you need to care for them instead of yourself. If you don’t refill your own cup, you have nothing to pour from.

Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes

Created by designer Michaela Vybohova, the shoe line is inspired by her time working in the fashion industry. She was discovered by modeling agents at age 16. As she worked in different countries, she learned from the different cultures, and she found inspiration from the buildings, cities, experiences, and friends that she gained. She began to be hired by well-established designers. Through her modeling, she learned the design process from inside out.

Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes

Although the Marta Suede Boots come in black and taupe, my personal favorite are the green because the color is so unexpected. Since they are a bit over-the-top, I wasn’t sure if I could pull them off well. As a 30-something mom of two, I usually choose more simple, classic items. However, finding an outfit that these boots worked with gave me more confidence. I might not be runway-ready anytime soon, but I can enjoy dressing up for a fun photo shoot.

Gift Idea for Women 2020: Michaela V Marta Green Suede Shoes

Days later, I’m more upbeat and confident than ever with a new pair of green suede boots in my closet, and I’m still amazed that the simple, motherly clothes that I already own worked with these boots — the boots that became my inspiration for Me Time; the boots that changed my outlook on life.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.