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Enjoying Family Life (originally known as Theresa’s Reviews) reaches an audience of mainly American women ages 25-40 with three of the most popular locations being Virginia, Washington DC, and New York, New York. Readers are interested in shopping, home decor, food & dining, media & entertainment, lifestyle & family, and much more.

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Theresa Pickett has been writing since 2010 after working as an actress, producer, and casting director in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville since 2007. She is a freelance writer who has published in magazines and websites.

With experience in front of the camera, the children of Enjoying Family Life actively participate in many of the blog posts and even the occasional media appearance, in addition to owning their own YouTube channel!

While they are happy to be considered for commercial opportunities, please do not re-post or share any photos of them without clearly written permission.

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