Academy Awards Family Party

Looking for Academy Awards family party ideas? Today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing this year’s Academy Awards party! Since I’ve shared some different movie party ideas in the past, I wanted to share what we actually ended up doing for this year’s celebration. Whether you are looking for children’s activities or recipe ideas, you are in the right place!

2018 Academy Awards Family Party - Red Carpet

Academy Awards Family Party 2018

This year, we started our party with a special headshot session for each party guest. With a red carpet backdrop and festive headbands, this activity made each child feel special!

2018 Academy Awards Party - headshots paparazzi

Next, the children walked the red carpet. On the sidelines, everyone else pretended to be entertainment journalists asking questions. They also enjoyed walking the red carpet with their special date for the night, their daddy.

2018 Academy Awards Party - Red Carpet

For an activity, my daughter made Academy Awards-themed word search puzzles on ABC Ya. You can do that too if you click here! You give your word search a name, enter the Hollywood-inspired words you want it to have, and click print. With each guest having their own word search to complete, this was a fun activity to enjoy as we watched the red carpet.

We enjoyed cheering on our favorite movies, even if they weren’t always the winners. When I was a child, I remember sneaking the television on late at night to watch the Academy Awards past my bedtime. It was fun allowing my children to stay up late so they could see the biggest awards show for creative people in Hollywood. If their dreams lead them this way in the future, it was nice to see plenty of support for a better workplace for women working in entertainment.

We loved seeing our favorite movie Coco win best animated feature film. Seeing the cast and filmmakers walk on stage to accept it was incredible, as was seeing “Remember Me” performed on stage. I loved Darla K. Anderson’s speech that said Coco is proof that art can change the world. It was a wonderful reminder of how much filmmaking matters. You can read about the time I had an exclusive interview with the filmmakers of Coco here.

Academy Awards Party Food

One of the best parts of having the party was the food! First, we snacked on a fantastic broccoli salad. With mayonnaise, red onions, raisons, and sunflower seeds, you can also make a healthy version of this salad with Stevia. Party preparation started early in the morning so the salad would have enough time to sit and get soft.

2018 Academy Awards Party - Broccoli Salad

Next, we had a Maryland classic! Grandma’s incredible lump crab meat dip recipe was a crowd pleaser. You could really taste the crab meat inside, which you can’t always do with restaurant crab dip.

2018 Academy Awards Party - Crab Dip

For simple finger food, we had simple sliders with bacon and cheese. Not only were these easy to eat, but they also had good portion sizes so you could leave room for all the rest of the delicious food.

2018 Academy Awards Party - Sliders

My favorite thing to make for our Academy Awards party was golden white chocolate covered strawberries! These tasted fantastic with the kid-friendly bubbly beverages we had!

2018 Academy Awards Party - Gold Strawberries

Also for dessert, we had gold chocolate cupcakes. Everyone was almost too full to eat them, but they looked nice and can keep the party going for a couple more days!

2018 Academy Awards Party - Gold Cupcakes

What’s your favorite part of watching the Academy Awards? Share in the comments!

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