Are you looking for springtime family activity ideas? If so, you’re in the right place! One of my favorite parts about owning Theresa’s Reviews is being able to share my family’s day-to-day moments. Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite springtime things to do.

Our Favorite Springtime Things To Do

Lately, it seems like as soon as I get time to spend with one daughter, the other one feels left out. I wish I had more time in each day to give them more undivided attention! One way I can get around this is to take each child on a small outing on the way to run an errand. We can get it a small playdate with just the two of us returning home. Check out some of our favorite places to go, whether it’s just the two of us or with the whole family!

Favorite Springtime Things To Do - Visiting the Playground

Visit the Playground

First, the playground is a must-visit spot in springtime. Not only can I check out how much more athletic my children have become since our last playground visits in the summer, but we can also look longingly at the pool and imagine it opening soon. Bonus points if mom puts down her belongings and plays too!

Favorite Springtime Things To Do - Playing Tennis

Play Tennis

One of our favorite springtime activities is playing tennis. When the weather is warm enough, being able to run around outside in a competitive (or not so much) game of tennis makes us feel refreshed and energetic. One of the best parts about tennis is that you can work together to accomplish a goal.

Favorite Springtime Things To Do - Visiting Farm Animals

Visit Farm Animals

Although most of the farms in the area don’t open for another month, we can always find farm animals to visit! There’s an awesome conservancy that has goats, chickens, owls, and more. Even on chilly days, you can spot the goats sitting happily in their home.

Favorite Springtime Things To Do - Taking a Nature Hike

Take a Nature Hike

Springtime is the perfect weather for a nature hike. With the mild weather, it’s comfortable outside, and you won’t encounter many bugs. In early spring, when you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, getting fresh air and sunlight makes a huge difference. We always feel so refreshed after a spontaneous nature hike!

Favorite Springtime Things To Do - Enjoying the ride in the 2018 Toyota Avalon #DriveToyota #LetsGoPlaces #Avalon

Getting Around As A Family

One exciting part of our week was trying out the 2018 Toyota Avalon! With LED headlights and taillights, a 268-hp V6 engine, and a sports mode, it’s an exciting car to drive. The steering wheel mounted paddle shifters are even inspired by racing. Some other features are the 18″alloy wheels, electric power steering, and 3-zone automatic climate control, which my children love. We also enjoyed dancing to our favorite music on XM radio with the JBL audio speakers!

One of my favorite safety features of the 2018 Toyota Avalon was that when my Bluetooth was connected, the wireless features were helpful. Whether I received a text message or a new email, it would read the message to me. This could help me determine whether it was important to pull over and respond, call back using the wireless audio, or put off responding until later.

Springtime Things To Do - Test driving the 2018 Toyota Avalon #DriveToyota #LetsGoPlaces #Avalon

Since we spent part of our week stuck inside due to a random wind storm and with no electricity, having a comfortable car made the rest of the week much better. Whether we were picking up take-out food for our favorite Thai comfort food or going to grandma’s house to watch movies, this was a wonderful way to get around town.

What are your favorite springtime things to do? Share in the comments!

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Disclosure: I test drove the 2018 Toyota Avalon for free for one week, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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