Academy Awards Party Golden Movie Star Popcorn

Whether you’re looking for a special cinema-inspired recipe for an Academy Awards party or for your family movie night, you’re in the right place! Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out a recipe that takes your traditional popcorn and turns it into a festive dessert or sweet snack. If you want a dish that is kid-friendly and looks nice enough to serve to adults, check out this recipe.

Academy Awards Party Movie Star Popcorn - Theresa's Reviews


Academy Awards Party Golden Movie Star Popcorn

One of my family’s favorite celebrations of the year is our Academy Awards viewing party. Although we don’t invite many people, this night is a wonderful excuse to make delicious food and come up with exciting activities. Having a kid-friendly party encourages our children to enjoy one of our favorite hobbies and passions, movies.

With the combination of storytelling, technology, and performing, moviemaking helps you see the world in a whole new way. We enjoy sharing that excitement with our children, and we have fun rooting for our favorite children’s movies together.Academy Awards Movie Star Popcorn - Theresa's Reviews

Last year for our party, I found an incredible discount on a matching pair of pink flapper costumes so my daughters could walk the red carpet in style. From the Academy Awards themed activities to the delicious finger food, my children had a wonderful time. You can read about last year’s party here!

For this year’s party, all guests can feel like movie stars with this delectable movie star popcorn recipe! With an irresistible flavor, the recipe combines your classic favorite movie night snack, popcorn, with delicious sweets, sparkly edible glitter, and edible golden movie stars. With gold and glitter, it’s as beautiful as an Old Hollywood film. It almost looks too pretty to eat!

For the best texture and flavor, prepare the popcorn right before the guests arrive.


Academy Awards Party Movie Star Popcorn - Movie Night - Movie Party - Theresa's Reviews


Add butter to a pan on the stove. When the butter softens, add the brown sugar and stir. When the mixture has combined well and turned a light brown color, add the marshmallows. Mix well as the marshmallows melt. Stir often to prevent the mixture from burning at the bottom of the pan. At the same time when you are stirring the ingredients on the stove, pop two bags of popcorn in the microwave.

Put the popcorn in a large bowl. Pour the liquid mixture on top, spreading it around with two spatula spoons. Mix it throughout all the layers of popcorn. Work section by section until the popcorn is covered well.

While stirring, mix in the other ingredients. Add one ingredient at a time and mix well as you add it. Put in the white chocolate chips, a generous amount of gold sanding sugar, and the gold star sprinkles. Stir until every part of the popcorn has each topping that you added.

Add more sprinkles, stars, and white chocolate chips to the top of the dish to make it ready to serve! Enjoy.

And the winner for best popcorn is…

For a special Academy Awards party or your family movie night, this movie star popcorn recipe is a festive crowd pleaser! With edible gold glitter and stars, your popcorn becomes an extra special treat.

Even though my children won’t stay up to watch much of the Academy Awards, they will look forward to the experience of eating delicious food, especially this recipe, and cheering for their favorite movies at our Academy Awards party.

Who are you hoping wins at this year’s Academy Awards? Share your thoughts below!

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