Kira's Ultimate Collection

Kira’s Ultimate Collection Arrives & Doll Giveaway!

From this past summer in my American Girl Writing & Acting 5-Day Class to today, almost 500 students and I have speculated about what the GOTY 2021 would be like. I heard many predictions of a doll who lived through the pandemic, and I enjoyed hearing several stories about a doll who travels, but none were quite like Kira’s incredible adventures in Australia set sometime after March of 2021.

Recently, my children and I received GOTY 2021 Kira’s Ultimate Collection. It comes with everything you need to get started with your Kira collection, including: the Kira doll and two chapter books, Kira’s accessories, Kira’s wildlife rescue set, Kira’s koala pajamas, Kira’s casual outfit, and Kira’s koala.

Check out our video of Kira arriving! Watching, liking, and subscribing will also count towards the Kira doll giveaway. Make sure to read to the end to get credit for your entry.

One amazing thing about every GOTY doll is that they share an inspiring message. Like others before her, Kira has a cause that she is passionate about: wildlife! This is especially relevant because in 2019-2020, billions of animals were killed or displaced in Australia’s wildfires.

Kira's Ultimate Collection

Kira’s Ultimate Collection comes with the casual outfit: a white tee with Australia graphics, a tie-dye skirt, a headband, and fabric sandals.Kira's Ultimate CollectionNext, check out the adorable koala pajamas! These come in girls’ sizes too so you can match your doll. The doll koala slippers are soft and fuzzy!

The outfit matches her plush koala. This koala is larger than the joey that comes with Kira’s Animal Exam Table. It stands about 1/3 the size of the doll.
Kira's Ultimate CollectionShe arrives wearing a pink and purple tie-dye tank top, a green pleated skirt, a pair of brown lace-up boots and purple socks, and sparkly purple bracelet.

You can set the scene for her outdoor adventures with the accessories, which include an outdoor backpack, a koala keychain, a brown hat, two Australia postcards, and two photos of animals.

To show Kira’s love of animals, play with the wagon, animal carrier, a plush wombat, a pair of binoculars, a blanket, a walkie talkie, and a bandage.

Kira's Ultimate Collection

One of the best parts of American Girl GOTY dolls is getting to know their story. I highly suggest reading all three books in Kira’s collection. They include two fiction chapter books: Kira Down Under and Kira’s Animal Rescue, and a non-fiction book about climate change Love the Earth.

The Sammie and Georgie Show is putting together a collection of environmental drawings, posters, and videos to help raise awareness. You can send a photo or video that shows your best effort to help the environment to Make sure to include your preferred name and age if you want it included.

Join me to socialize about Kira. Children and tweens can join me for an American Girl Kira Bailey Book Chat! Come having read at least some of one of the books so you can share your favorite parts.

Kira's Ultimate Collection

Another exciting way to celebrate the release of Kira is to check out the fun, free Kira-themed games. Girly Gamer shared her reaction below! Watching, liking, and subscribing is another entry in the doll giveaway.

Isn’t Kira super fun to play with? My kids are already including her in their stop motion videos. Here’s one that counts as another entry!

Kira Doll Giveaway

You can enter to win a Kira doll!

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Kira's Ultimate Collection

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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