Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ ‘Godmothered’

Make movie night magically special with this fairly simple recipe! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I am sharing how to make a fairy godmother watermelon carriage. This recipe is inspired by the NEW Disney+ movie ‘Godmothered.’

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You can check out my video to get an overview of how to make this recipe. Keep reading for more detail.

I was lucky to get an early screener of the Disney+ movie ‘Godmothered.’ Today, I won’t share about the movie itself, but I can share that the fairy godmother uses a watermelon as a carriage. You can make that happen at home too with this delicious and pretty activity!

Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

Jillian Bell plays the fairy godmother. Her purple dress perfectly matches the purple ceramic princess my daughter made. We happened to have one that looks pretty similar, but you could use any princess figure, horse figure, and tiara that you happen to have.

You Need

  • Small watermelon
  • Paring Knife
  • Steak Knife
  • Melon Baller
  • Pineapple
  • Twizzlers
  • Edible glitter
  • Skewers
  • A fairy godmother
  • Tiara
  • A plastic horse


Begin by tracing the outline of six windows using a paring knife. They will look like slightly rounded triangles.

Use a steak knife to cut the pieces out, and use a melon tool to remove the melon. Slice the melon from the rind, and save the rind for later. You can place the melon in a bowl to turn into melon balls, or as a separate snack.

Use a melon baller tool to remove the rest of the watermelon. Carve it out really well to become a carriage.

Place the melon scoops in a small bowl, and set to the side. You can use them to place back into the watermelon carriage later, or use a pineapple like I did.

Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

Take the rinds that you had saved, and carve them into circles to become the wheels. Use a skewer to secure them to the sides of the carriage. Break off any extra of the skewer that you don’t need. Cover the skewer with a Twizzler by placing it on the skewer and cutting with scissors.

You will also use Twizzlers for the reigns for the horse. Push a skewer inside a Twizzler, and secure it to the watermelon. Repeat for the second one. Tie the ends of the two skewers by making a bow with red string. Place the horse in between.

Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

Dice up pineapple or whatever fruit you prefer for the inside of the carriage. Use edible silver glitter to make the watermelon sparkle. My children enjoyed helping with this step.

Place a fairy godmother to the side, and finish with a beautiful tiara on top.

Serve with toothpicks or forks to remove the fruit. Enjoy a side of Twizzlers and movie popcorn!

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Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

‘Godmothered’ releases exclusively on Disney+ on December 4th, 2020.

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Fairy Godmother Watermelon Carriage Inspired by Disney+ 'Godmothered'

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