5 Best Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes

Shopping for Halloween outfits has become as competitive as shopping for the best toys around Christmas time. This morning, I discovered that Elsa outfits were selling out quickly, and I knew I had to make a quick decision about how I would dress my daughters for Halloween. Because the movie Frozen is a favorite for my family, both of my daughters wanted to be a Frozen character. My older daughter Samantha asked that her younger sister, Georgiana, would dress up as Olaf. Instead of making my little girl dress up as a talking snowman, I found the cutest matching Frozen sisters outfits at the Disney store at my local mall. As the Disney store is one of several options for Halloween shopping this season, I made a list of some of the top online retailers selling the best Elsa Frozen Halloween costumes.

Elsa Frozen Halloween Costumes: 5 Best Picks

The Disney Store

Samantha’s Elsa costume dress has 122 positive reviews. At $49.99, the Cold Play dress is an affordable option, compared to the slightly more extravagant version Disney offers, which is a $100 limited edition dress found in stores. I noticed that the Cold Play dress fit true to size. As I bought the dress a size up from Samantha’s age, it had plenty of room for her to grow. I considered returning the dress for one size smaller because the mesh on the arms was loose. Samantha had to pull the dress up when she was wearing it, but she loved the dress so much that she pulled the tags off as soon as she could. While the store also had Elsa boots and a white, furry Elsa coat, both options would be excellent purchases to keep little girls warm during cold Halloween weather.

To help Georgiana become a matching Frozen princess, I bought her the silver Anna and Elsa Deluxe Party Dress. The dress had adorable, festive snowflakes on it. Because Halloween shopping was a splurge for my family, I realized that Georgiana could wear the party dress around the winter holidays too. I liked that the fit of the dress was great with plenty of room for growth without being too big.

Party City

As a less expensive option, Party City has a Girls Elsa Costume – Frozen that costs $29.99. With 10 reviews, the dress was rated 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Reviewers show that the dress fits true to size, arrives promptly, and has a beautiful movie look. Another feature that I liked was how the dress has straps on the shoulders to keep the sleeves up on the arms.

Chasing Fireflies

For a more extravagant purchase, Chasing Fireflies offers an Elsa costume that costs $130. My favorite feature was that the Ultimate Collection Elsa Girls Costume covers little girls well with a modest, high neckline. Because the dress has a high neckline, it would be unlikely to fall down off girls’ shoulders, which some of the other costumes might do. The store has a good discount now through October 31, 2014 when you can receive 15% off if you spend over $100. I liked that the dress looks high quality. My daughter will wear her Halloween costume all year long, so I know that quality matters when costumes become dress up clothes.

Miss Madelyn’s Bows

One of the cutest costumes I found for toddlers was the Frozen Inspired Elsa Tutu Dress by Miss Madelyn’s Bows on Etsy. Because a lot of other costumes are made for young girls age three and up, the Frozen Inspired Elsa Tutu Dress is a great pick for girls as young as my daughter Georgiana who want to look special for Halloween. The layered tutu looks beautiful. For my daughter, I would layer the dress over a white tank top because the body of the dress is see-through as is.


While you can find all of your Halloween supplies at Target, you can also get a reasonably priced Elsa costume there. I found that the Elsa Frozen Light Up Elsa Dress was only $34.99. Ten reviewers, who gave the dress 4.7 stars out of 5 stars, explained that the dress was very original in its design. The dress is one of the only Elsa dresses on the market that lights up and plays music. Designed to enchant young girls, the dress is a success.

Where will you be getting your children’s Halloween outfits this year? Help out other last minute shoppers and post your advice to my Facebook page. Share pictures of your children’s Halloween outfits as inspiration for other moms too.

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