Food Gift Idea for Christmas: Talia di Napoli Pizza

Are you deciding on gifts for family who live far away this holiday season? If so, you’re in the right place. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can find 2020’s top food gift idea for Christmas, Talia di Napoli Pizza.

Food Gift Idea for Christmas: Talia di Napoli Pizza

Food is a tradition that brings family together. When you can’t travel together, you can send the gift of letting their taste buds travel. With a box of frozen pizza completely handmade in the heart of Southern Italy, you are letting them know you love them by feeding them, while also giving the gift of time.

Each pizza is made in Italy by master pizzaiolos using all local, natural ingredients. The basil is picked fresh from the Compania region, which is also where dairy farm that delivers the the mozzarella is located. The Italian tomatoes are sourced from premium Italian suppliers, and the premium extra virgin olive oil is bottled in the Puglia region in Southern Italy. Even the water is locally sourced for its special limestone and mineral salts.

Food Gift Idea for Christmas: Talia di Napoli Pizza

The Sleeping Pizza™ Multi-Flavor Packs come in a variety of assorted packs featuring 8 pies. I tried out the Classico 8-pack, which comes with four Margherita pizzas and four Provolina pizzas.

This year, I went from a full-time teacher to a stay-at-home mom. Cooking has become both a passion and a necessity with everyone home throughout the day.

Food Gift Idea for Christmas: Talia di Napoli Pizza

Although I love trying out new recipes and surprising my family with delicious treats, now I have to shift my focus. As we get closer to the mid-way point in the virtual school year, my goal is to be more present with my children’s education.

This takes me out of the kitchen. Finding the time to re-teach lessons and encourage deeper learning means simpler meals.

With these delicious pizzas, my family and I can still enjoy that fresh, authentic taste of a home-cooked meal. Whether I am giving my children lunch or making an after-work snack for my husband, I want everyone to feel nourished and satisfied. They are with Talia di Napoli.

Unlike other frozen pizzas, the crust has a thin, crispy texture with the flavor only created in a wood-fired pizza oven. I could have found a similar flavor from the incredible Italian restaurant down the road, but having a go-to stack of 10 high-quality pizzas in my freezer was much more convenient.

One bite of the pizza Margherita sent me back to a summer in Florence, looking out over the Duomo and beautiful sculptures while I enjoyed my first bite of authentic Italian pizza. Then, I laughed remembering years ago, an order for a pizza Margherita I made in Pennsylvania, and finding myself so disappointed with a pizza completely covered in a poorly-flavored sauce, no cheese, and no fresh basil.

“That’s what a Pizza Margherita is,” they told me, “It’s pizza covered in sauce.”

I remembered laughing to myself with confusion, not even able to work myself up into a complaint. Not everyone has had the chance to enjoy the true flavors of Italy. However, now everyone easily can with one click of a button. From Talia di Napoli, you can deliver a box of incredible frozen pizza, or give a convenient gift card.

Food Gift Idea for Christmas: Talia di Napoli Pizza

If you’re feeling creative, each pizza is completely customizable. I served mine with steak, mushrooms, and onions on the side, but those would have been delicious toppings too!

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.