If you’re looking for news about the brand new American Girl 2018 Doll of the Year, you’re in the right place! Today, not only can you check out the Luciana Vega unboxing video, but Theresa’s Reviews and The Sammie and Georgie Show are also partnering on a giveaway so one of you can win a doll for yourself!

Theresa's Reviews - The Sammie and Georgie Show Unbox American Girl 2018 Girl Of The Year Luciana Vega

American Girl 2018 Girl Of Year Luciana Vega Unboxing

For some background information about the doll, check out 3 Reasons To Love American Girl’s 2018 Girl Of The Year Luciana Vega. Not only is Luciana a STEM doll who dreams of being an astronaut, but she is also a courageous leader. If you’re looking for a doll who is a good role model for children, she’s a great pick.

Luciana Vega dreams of being an astronaut!

Check out The Sammie and Georgie Show’s brand new American Girl Luciana Vega unboxing video so you can see for yourself what Luciana Vega looks like!

This doll is a fantastic addition to my family’s American Girl collection! I’ve always liked that the dolls help girls learn about history, and this new doll helps girls think about the future.

Theresa's Reviews - American Girl 2018 Girl of the Year Luciana Vega Doll

She has silver boots that match her silver necklace. This makes her outfit look adorable! Although she doesn’t come with the space suit (you have to be an AG Rewards Member to get that through 7/31), the outfit she comes in is great for a day at space camp. Luciana Vega comes with silver shoes.

She has a bright red star necklace that matches the bright red belt and fanny pack. The colors coordinate nicely with the galactic-inspired dress. To dress up like Luciana, you can get the Galaxy dress with the matching fanny pack in girls’ sizes too!Luciana Vega comes with a necklace with a star on it and a red belt with fanny pack.

Another thing that makes Luciana unique is the bright purple streak of color in her hair. This adds a dash of creativity and shows her personality.Luciana Vega has a purple streak in her hair.

Sammie and Georgie were so excited to receive this doll! One of their favorite parts was the book. Even after a few pages, they couldn’t wait to read more!Theresa's Reviews - The Sammie and Georgie Show Unbox American Girl 2018 Girl Of The Year Luciana Vega

Luciana looks great with our growing collection of American Girl dolls. We can’t wait to start collecting her accessories too.

Theresa's Reviews - American Girl Doll Collection

American Girl 2018 Girl Of Year Luciana Vega Giveaway

Theresa’s Reviews is partnering with The Sammie and Georgie Show to give away a Luciana Vega doll to one lucky winner! To enter, make sure you are following both of us across all social media platforms, and complete the entries on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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Sammie also made a book review of the new Luciana book. Liking and commenting on her video counts as an entry in the giveaway, so make sure to check it out!

What do you like most about Luciana Vega? Share in the comments below!

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Theresa's Reviews & The Sammie and Georgie Show Luciana Vega Doll Giveaway (1)

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

84 Responses

  1. Crystal

    I love Luciana’s dress! I also love the purple in her hair! She is so full of personality!

  2. Patricia

    I LOVE how she is bringing back the love of space travel and her purple streak i. Her hair is just beautiful. My little girl wants her sooo bad! This has to be my favorite I have seen them come out with!

  3. Shanna Uptergrove

    Love the story she comes with- I have 3 budding scientist girls who love everything about space!!

  4. James Robert

    I like she is an astronaut and dreams of going to Mars and my girls would love the streaks in her hair.

  5. Angela Hendricks

    Awesome giveaway! The girls did fantastic on the unboxing video. I love how descriptive they were when describing Luciana. I really love her dress and shoes! Plus she’s an astronaut!!! How cooler can you get?!

  6. Elle

    I love her connection to STEM education and how it’s being marketed to young girls.

  7. Dandi D

    I like that she is promoting STEM, which I would love my daughter to be interested in.

  8. Catherine

    I love Luciana because she is so similar to my 9 year old daughter! My daughter has been telling us she wants to be an astronaut and be the first woman on Mars since she was 4 years old!

  9. Karen Propes

    I love her story, she has a dream and is working towards it. She shows girls they can take a step forward and go out of this world.

  10. Jessica H.

    I think Luciana is Great! I love everything about her, Her being an astronaut and going for her dreams! I actually have a friend that works at NASA and she reminds me of her. I commented on Soleado Lavender Farm Blog. Loved it!

  11. Jessi Housel

    What I like best about Luciana is that she dreams big and with an interest in science just like my daughter Violet. She loves experiments and STEAM. Violet even has a rock collection. I like that Luciana reinforces the interests in science while also having the appeal of something else my daughter adores-dolls.

  12. Jessi Housel

    Commented on the Lady and the Tramp Walt Disney Signature Collection.Again thank you for the chance to win Luciana for my daughter Violet.

  13. steph

    I love that Luciana is a GOTY who is also a doll of color, and has some unique interests – when has AG ever done a doll that was so into science? I’m so happy Luciana’s here!

  14. Suzy

    I love the idea of a doll interested in science and learning! It’s a fun way to introduce STEM and get my daughter asking questions… thanks for showing her!

  15. Olivia Douglass

    I love that she loves STEM and wants to be an astronaut. I also really enjoyed learning about how she was made and their partnership with NASA to ensure accuracy!

  16. Lindsey Betterman

    My daughter is so in love. She has her fingers and toes crossed we win her.

  17. Lindsey Betterman

    Comment also made in the Welliewishers App Review and giveaway. Here’s hoping Luciana gets to join us!

  18. Yasmina B.

    That she attended the real space camp that exists in Hunstville Alabama and wears the REAL flight suit!

  19. Julie Bickham

    I thinks she’s a very beautiful doll. Also she is very unique from the other dolls.

  20. Marilyn Nawara

    I like that she’s a positive role model for girls. Space, engineering and programming are excellent jobs for girls.

  21. Sab Edwards

    I love how the colors looks so good for her hair coloring….even a doll looks better dressed then me some days LOL…she’s a good role model for children thats for sure

  22. Leigh Anne Borders

    As a mom and teacher, I LOVE these dolls! I love what they stand for. My little girl has something great to inspire her to be all she can, including an astronaut. I think that makes me love them even more if that is possible.

  23. Sarah B

    I love Luciana’s STEM and outer space theme. We are big into science in my house and love doing science experiments and love watching outer space videos. We love her whole collection! Her spacesuit is awesome!

  24. Jennifer King

    I love this doll because she promotes science! And you can be cool and smart.

  25. Angel Miller

    I love everything about this doll and her purple streak is awesome. If I had to pick one thing would her whole space wear bc I use to want to be an astronuat !!!

  26. Rosanne

    I like that she is dark skinned like my daughter in law and my granddaughter .

  27. Priscilla P.

    I have always loved the American Girl dolls. However; Luciana Vega is by far my favorite. She is obviously an intelligent girl that has a plan on how to make her dreams come true. She makes smart look cool, with her cool purple streak in her hair and her cool name. I think she is a positive influence for girls.

  28. Mary

    I love that she is a stem girl! My oldest wants to be an astronomical engineer (she’s five, I swear I am not pushing this either)

  29. Tamra Phelps

    I really like how these dolls come with backstories & goals. That goes a long way toward encouraging & empowering young girls.

  30. Alyssa B.

    Love this doll and her entire collection. So glad to see something like this come from AG!

  31. jenny

    I love Luciana because she reminds me so much of my daughter! They both love science, purple hair streaks, space, bravery and smarts!

  32. Cheryl Everitt

    I am impressed that the American dolls show our young females that they can do anything.

  33. Julie Hawkins

    I like that the doll is a good role model for girls in that she can be an astronaut.

  34. Faith Daniel

    There is a lot to love about Luciana her awesome collection, her love of space and science. The best thing about her is that she’s different from American Girl’s other Girl of the Year dolls. Her story is different. She isn’t another dancer and she represents those other girls who weren’t represented before. American Girl is branching out and I am loving it!

  35. Gina Ferrell

    I love that Luciana is interested in space and dreams of becoming an astronaut.

  36. Leah Shumack

    She reminds me of my daughter! She’s so beautiful and smart! Into STEM and has a great fashion sense…my daughter would be in love with her!


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