To celebrate the beginning of a new school year, recently my daughters received an exciting package in the mail from American Girl. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out the American Girl Truly Me dolls, which have fun accessories and outfits to fit your child’s unique personality.

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In my class, students learn storytelling, stop motion, filmmaking, and they study historical American Girl dolls as examples. This results in a final movie premiere day to celebrate their own creation of an American Girl short movie, trailer, or commercial! With the Truly Me dolls, children can truly express themselves.

Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls - Theresa's Reviews

Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls

If you grew up with American Girl dolls, you might remember the classic historic girls, such as Samantha and Molly. Now, the company also has the Truly Me line, which features dolls that look just like your child.

Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls - Theresa's Reviews

You can choose dolls based on their skin color, eye color as well as hair color, texture and length. With over two dozen options, you can even choose boy dolls!

My daughters were excited to find dolls that looked just like them. With Doll #69, the features are brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. Doll #59 has brown eyes and layered brown hair. Both dolls come in a pretty blue outfit that has a zip-front moto jacket with a star zipper pull, a printed dress with a mesh hem, and glittery flat shoes.

To add to the fun of having modern dolls, get the Truly Me accessories.  With the accessories, you get a new clothing option with a lavender sweater that has a glittery star graphic, light blue jersey leggings and a glittery zigzag headband.

For an eventful day out, the dolls also get a wristlet with pockets to hold a library card, a pretend doll-sized American Girl gift card, and five dollar bills. Last, this comes with a cell phone, which holds two double-sided phone screens, that slide into the phone.

Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls - Theresa's Reviews

Since the new school year has brought new interests for my children, we also received school-related accessories for each doll. With my daughter starting kindergarten this fall, it is the first year she could join an after school program for tennis. The Tennis Ace Outfit was an excellent choice for her doll. Not only does this come with the tennis dress, matching tennis shoes, and headband, but it also comes with a tennis racquet and tennis ball.

Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls - Theresa's Reviews

For my daughter in third grade, this is the first year she could join the school band. We were excited to see that her instrument of choice, the violin, was available as an accessory with the Violin Set. Not only does this set come with the violin, bow, and rosin in a hard case, but it also has a stand, lesson book, and holiday music set.

Whether you are celebrating a new school year or looking for a special gift, the Truly Me collection is an excellent pick. My daughters were excited to express themselves with their dolls’ features, outfits and accessories, and they became even more excited about their extracurricular activities. With dolls that look like your child and enjoy the same activities, playtime is an exciting adventure.

Your Turn!

What type of Truly Me accessory would your child choose based on their interests? Share in the comments!

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Expressing Yourself with American Girl Truly Me Dolls - Theresa's ReviewsDisclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

14 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    These are so awesome! Growing up, my little sister loved the American girl dolls and their stories. I remember them fondly. I don’t have kids of my own, but I know my niece would love this. Her Truly Me accessory would be anything that would make her appear like a pirate. She’s convinced that she’s a pirate. <3

  2. Rhonda

    These dolls are so awesome. I got one for my best friend’s daughter last year for Christmas. She won’t leave home without it now.

  3. Christa

    My step-daughter loves American Girl! This would be such a great Christmas gift. She just started playing flute, so having a doll that also played music would be so fun.

  4. Amanda Martin

    I love how American Girl dolls have grown and changed throughout the years but have stayed the same in the face, hair, etc. Love them so! So many good memories.

  5. Leslie

    I remember American Girl dolls. It is so cool that you can find dolls that match the girl and their interests.

  6. Courtney Byers

    Oh my goodness, I grew up with American Girl dolls and would’ve loved this. I will have to tell my niece about these, she LOVE AG Dolls. I hope to have a daughter someday and I can share my dolls with her.

  7. Patti Hosford

    My granddaughter looks just like Caroline. So we’ve been adding to her AG collection for years. This year we’ll splurge and get the violin since she’s been playing and dancing like Lindsay Stirling for years.

  8. Jo Emilian

    My eldest would choose an animal set and my 2 year old would choose a tractor!


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