3 Lessons Children Learn From Pinocchio

With many modern Disney movies, feel-good plots show how love conquers all. From Frozen to Beauty and the Beast, love stories are nice, but they don’t make a lasting impact on children’s view of the world.

Modern Disney movies are progressive. They show that girls are strong and decisive.

Disobedient island princess Moana challenges her father’s wishes, and she makes a big difference in her community in doing so. Although it is impressive that Moana saves her community, the moral can be confusing for children.

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Whether you are a teacher or parent, your role as an adult is to show children that it is not necessary to break the rules to make a difference in the world. The biggest change you can make in the world is to look within at your own actions. Evaluate whether your choices are ethical, and make better choices in the future.

This is a difficult concept to explain to children because sometimes they feel that their choices are out of their control. Movies can help simplify your explanation.

While modern Disney movies have their place in changing the way children think about the world around them, re-visiting a childhood classic Pinocchio can teach children about the basics of good behavior.

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Keep reading to find out valuable lessons children learn from Pinocchio.

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