3 Lessons Children Learn From Pinocchio

1. Your conscience tells you right from wrong.

Even though many children know they should follow the rules, they don’t know what their conscience is. They may think that the only way to know right from wrong is to look at a list on the wall of a classroom titled Class Rules.

Since conscience is a difficult concept for children, watching a movie can help them understand its meaning. Simplifying the concept with visuals makes it easier to understand.

Symbols and comparisons can help show the meaning of conscience. This movie uses the adorable character of Jiminy Cricket to show the idea of an inner voice that tells you right from wrong.

Even young children can picture what their conscience is when they envision Jiminy Cricket’s heart warming, well-intentioned character.

Through examining the character of Jiminy Cricket, it becomes clear that you should use your conscience when faced with temptation. The character also shows that your conscience is always there for you in times of need.

You may teach this lesson further with this Examination of Conscience Brochure Activity Rubric.

One misconception that could happen during this lesson is that students may think a conscience is an animal. Before teaching, clarify that a conscience is an inner voice, and that Jiminy Cricket is a symbol of that idea.