DIY: Wrapping Paper Egg Craft

DIY: Wrapping Paper Egg Craft

If you’re eggs-hausted from trying to keep your children busy lately, I have a fun, simple craft they’ll enjoy! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can learn how to make Easter egg table top decor with only a few supplies.

DIY: Wrapping Paper Egg CraftSupplies:

3 colors of wrapping paper




Take a piece of paper, and cut out an egg shape that is three inches tall. Set aside.

Gather all three rolls of wrapping paper, and cut a large square that is equal in size from each roll.

Fold each square of wrapping paper into four.

Place the egg-shaped paper on top of each color of wrapping paper, and cut out egg shapes, four at a time, from each one.

Next, bend each paper egg shape in half with the colorful paper on the inside of the fold.

You will need to use six paper egg shapes for each egg craft.

Place glue on the inside of each piece of paper egg, and glue them together, while alternating the colors of paper.

After all six egg shapes are glued together to create one 3D egg craft, press the 3D shape flat.

Line up the egg shapes, take a pair of scissors, and trim any paper that does not line up correctly.

You should also make sure to cut straight across the bottom of the 3D egg craft to make sure that it will stand up on the table.

Make several of these 3D egg crafts, stand them upright on the table together, and enjoy!

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DIY: Wrapping Paper Egg Craft